How much does it cost to put a fence up?

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  • 10 August 2018

The very first question from anyone installing or replacing a fence: “How much does it cost to put a fence up?”

Comparing fencing prices can be frustrating, since there are so many components to consider. But don’t stress — we’ve compiled this completely comprehensive, one-stop-shop for fencing quotes and fence cost calculators!

So grab your notepad and a fresh cup of coffee — it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty of how much a fence actually costs. For the purposes of these comparisons, we’ve stuck to a standard 1.8m height.

How much does it cost to put a fence up DIY?

If cost is your main concern, you might want to consider installing the fence yourself — it can be surprisingly simple and satisfying to do. (If you already know that DIY is definitely not for you, you can skip to professional installation costs here.)

The DIY install option of each fencing type offers different cost reductions. For instance, buying all the separate components of metal fencing at retail prices can still add up to around $60 per lineal metre — and that’s before the extras, like lattices, gates or concrete — which means you might only be saving around $20 per metre. However, for ModularWalls fencing, you could be saving almost half of the costs by installing it yourself!

Some fences are structured around basic post and rail systems, and are really easy to knock together, including timber, metal, aluminium and modular fencing.

However, others demand a very high skill level or equipment, and may not be very suitable to DIY. Brick fences, for instance, require trade skills, expert techniques and complex footings — a novice who produces even a slightly uneven wall risks it being visually unappealing and structurally unsound.

DIY fence cost comparisons per lineal metre (1.8m high)

As a general comparison for a basic run of fencing, here is a quick cost comparison for price per linear metre. Keep in mind that these estimates are only indicative, and might not include freight, GST, extra fixing materials (concrete, screws, tool hire, etc), site conditions, or local market fluctuations:

  • $50 – $120 for timber fences (treated pine being the least expensive wood option)
  • $60 – $70 for metal fences
  • $163 +GST for SlimWall modular fencing*
  • $218 +GST for TrendWall modular fencing*
  • $228 +GST for a VogueWall modular wall*
  • $247 +GST for an EstateWall modular wall*

*Approximate only (excluding GST). Assumes full bay lengths (no wastage) and single straight run. The above costs for each wall type and wall height are indicative and intended as a guide only.

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How much does it cost to put a fence up professionally?

Not all of us have the time, ability, or interest in putting up our own fence. There are some great websites that give you the average or expected cost of fencing installation. Just remember when choosing a trade make sure you apply for three quotes to ensure you receive a price that you are happy with.

  • Timber Fencing, including treated, hardwood and picket: has a great timber fencing pricing chart, complete with estimate labour costs.
  • ModularWalls (all residential products): Quick Quote Calculator by ModularWalls gives you an estimated installation cost based on your requirements.
  • Brick wall: One Flare has a great comparison chart, which breaks down per state costs.
  • Frameless glass fence: Fencing and Glass discuss installation costs as well as what to look out for.
  • Metal: has metal fencing pricing chart and breaks down the labour involved.
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How much extra do gates cost?

Manual gates can cost anywhere between $500 to $4300, depending on material choice and design. For a motorised driveway gate, the price jumps to around $1500 and keeps climbing the fancier you get.

What are the ‘hidden costs’ of fencing?

There are a few extra factors that may apply to your fencing project. These ‘hidden costs’ could include:

  • Concrete
  • Removal of old fence
  • Retaining
  • Special tool or machinery hire (for DIY fences)
  • Painting or rendering
  • Footings for brick walls
  • Excavation
  • Difficult sites (sloping blocks, restricted access, ground conditions)
  • Environmental zoning conditions (specific materials needed for bush fire or cyclonic regions)
  • Council approval fees or permits

Cost vs Value

This article has focused a lot on pricing; but when undertaking any home improvement project, each decision should be treated as an investment, rather than a short-term purchase. Comparing cost alone may compromise the long-term value of what you’re actually getting.

Questions you need to ask include:

Q. How long will this last?

If the fence lacks durability or ages quickly, you could find yourself replacing the fence more often.

Q. How much maintenance is required? 

If you need to regularly repaint or treat your fence, this will incur ongoing costs that can really add up.

Q. Will this boost my property value?

Property is one of the most common investments and should be treated as such; each element should work to boost your home’s overall value. Features such as aesthetics, acoustic capabilities or customisation versatility are strong assets when comparing your options.