Is a garden screen the answer to a tidy yard?

  • 3 minutes
  • 13 May 2021

Whether you’re about to tackle a backyard renovation or are simply tired of seeing your garbage bins every time you step into your yard. A garden screen is a perfect solution to hide your garden tools, pool equipment or bins neatly.

VogueWall SpeersPoint NSW

VogueWall with TerraFirm retaining wall neatly hides the garbage bins. Source: Diakrit

Garden Screen Benefits

  • Do you have an unsightly ‘junk’ corner in your backyard?
  • Or a garden shed that stands out for all the wrong reasons?
  • Perhaps your garbage bins bring down the look of your new outdoor entertaining area?
  • Or do you need bin storage that complements your front façade?
Is a garden screen the answer to a tidy yard

Given these points, creating a garden screen is an excellent way to:

  • Save precious space in your yard
  • Hide your garden tools
  • Hide compost areas
  • Create privacy
  • Reduce noise
SlimWall Hamilton South QLD

SlimWall garden screen

DIY garden screens

As yards get smaller, you may not have space for a garden shed to hide the lawnmower or whipper-snipper. Or, if you do have room, you may simply want to hide the whole garden shed.

Depending on the size of the screen needed, there are a variety of garden screen panels available. One, in particular, is ModularWalls, on account of the outdoor screen panels providing a modern finish with fantastic customisation options.

For instance, our SlimWall® fencing solution makes a fantastic garden screen. As our lightest modular panel, it’s a great DIY project. Perfect for hiding bins, tools and more while giving your yard a cohesive modern look.

Additionally, ModularWalls can be colour matched to your home or customised to make a feature of your garden screen. Customisation options include tiling, render, murals, slats, decorative panels, stone cladding and even integrated lighting. Let your imagination go and have some fun. You’ll have a modern and sophisticated screening panel in no time.

TrendWall Kew VIC

SlimWall garbage bin enclosure

Other DIY screen options

Vertical Garden: 

DIY vertical gardens look great and can be a fantastic source of organic herbs or vegetables for your family. Try using trellis for your garden screen panel. Then attach old 1.25L drink bottles with cut-outs for the plants and soil. Otherwise, there are many options for professionally installed vertical gardens with self-watering systems if you’re after a no-maintenance garden privacy screen.

Vertical Gardens


Bamboo makes fantastic fence screening or outdoor privacy screen panels when used in pots. Using pots makes this a versatile option and one you can move if needed. Again, there are many varieties of bamboo that make perfect garden screens. One key factor to look for is a non-invasive clumping bamboo.

TrendWall The Block Jimmy and Tam 2020

Source: The Block 2020 – Jimmy & Tam Backyard featuring TrendWall

Decorative panels:

From custom laser cut panels to converting an old door, the options are endless for decorative panels. Try hanging multiple picture frames and fill them with succulents or mirrors. Or use eucalyptus poles grouped into panels to make a great privacy screen. Alternatively, use a combination of your favourite styles.  

On the whole, there are many options to choose from, whether it’s a large garden privacy screen. Or a small garden screen to hide the rake and broom. Whether you choose a quick repurposing DIY project or a new DIY SlimWall, we hope we inspired you to get your garden screen project underway.

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