Exciting News For Specifiers Designing in Cyclone Wind Regions

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Finding cyclone rated walls just got so much easier…and more beautiful.

ModularWalls™ achieved “deemed to comply” status back in 2006 and since then have been the leading supplier and builder of cyclone rated walls that benefit whole communities – particularly those situated in cyclone prone regions. ModularWalls’ VogueWall and BarrierWall are not only cyclone rated and able to withstand the worst forces that nature can throw at them, but are available at incredibly cost-effective prices.

The cyclonic rated VogueWall (up to 2.4m high C2 / N4 wind categories) is a residential wall/fence designed to closely mirror the dimensions of a single brick wall with piers. It’s the most popular wall style in the ModularWalls range as it’s so versatile. Decorative in its own right to make a statement along front walls and fences but also ideal for boundary walls, feature walls, privacy walls and acoustically rated as a sound barrier.

The cyclonic rated BarrierWall (up to 3.0m high C2 / N4 wind categories) is a commercial wall with super strong post system and when erected the wall displays amazing strength. ModularWalls have changed the way commercial walls are built. With over 15,000 projects completed they are industry leaders for innovative, acoustically rated and super strong wall and fencing solutions that are Australian designed and manufactured. Make sure you’ve given yourself enough time to prepare. Walls and fences by ModularWalls offer the following benefits;

  • Add value to residential homes
  • Strong and durable with amazing brick like strength
  • Acoustically rated which will help reduce noise from busy roads
  • Simple and easy to install. Modular Wall Systems™ also has the added benefit of zero wastage resulting in costs savings and leaves virtually no construction mess
  • Generally, no Council approval required* which will result in a fast and quick solution to getting the project finished
  • Multiple applications which are perfect for boundary walls, estate front fences and feature walls
  • Customised designs can easily incorporate with slats, letterboxes, lighting and finishes in a variety of different coatings and colours

With cyclone categorized regions experiencing an average of two to three cyclones between November and April each year, now is the time to act before a cyclone is on your doorstep. The engineering team at ModularWalls has been working overtime to set new benchmarks. Take a look at the complete range of non-brick fencing and wall solutions at ModularWalla.

*As each project and specifications vary, you may need to seek greater clarification from your local Council.

For more information about ModularWalls’ cyclone rated walls, get in touch with their in-house team on 1300 556 957,or simply enquire below.


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