Is a brick wall still an affordable solution, as the cost of bricks soars?

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  • 5 June 2017

An article in the Financial Review reports that the cost of bricks in Sydney has soared by a third in the last two years, according to Turner & Townsend’s International Construction Market Survey 2017. The inflated price has left many developers and homeowners wondering, “Is a brick wall actually ‘worth it’, anymore?”

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The residential construction boom has seen a record 69, 161 housing starts last fiscal year alone, marking the country’s largest housing boom to date. As a result, the costs of construction materials and labour has seen a dramatic spike. A leap of 33.1% in the cost of bricks inflates to $785/1000 standard bricks this year, as opposed to $590/1000 in 2015.

This growth in demand and consequently exponential difference in price has led to an overall mark-up in traditional masonry work. Many homeowners are now seeking more cost-effective brick alternatives, that deliver the same durability and aesthetics.

Brick walls vs ModularWalls

When compared to traditional brick walls, ModularWalls’ acoustic fence panels and wall systems are:

  • Significantly more affordable
  • Will not crack over time
  • Are much easier and faster to install
  • Do not require strip footings or cumbersome construction technology

The cost of bricks, along with labour expenses and schedules, have made traditional masonry significantly less affordable. The construction industry has already seen an incline in alternative products; a trend we expect will continue to rise in the coming years.


Our wall systems and acoustic fence panels offer the premium style and structural strength of a rendered brick wall, for a more economic price. The post and panel systems accommodate a variety of premium finishes, complimenting any architectural design. The finished aesthetic mirrors the look of a rendered brick wall, while saving the developer or homeowner a sizeable chunk of money and time.

Different ModularWalls systems offer different solutions, depending on the desired outcome. The residential range of products include SlimWall, VogueWall and EstateWall.

SlimWall  is ideal for acoustic fencing needs, offering a modern, sleek design of 50mm thick and available at heights of up to 2.4m. As Australia’s fastest growing fencing product, SlimWall can transform your garden into a stylish oasis. Pricing begins at $163 +GST per lineal metre at 1.8m and is the most affordable fencing solution of the ModularWalls range.

TrendWall is our high-performance modular fence for those who want more. Offering heights of up to 3m*, heightened acoustic and retaining capabilities and aluminium posts, this wall system starts at around $218+GST per lineal metre at 1.8m.

VogueWall is designed to closely mirror the dimensions of a single brick wall with piers. Whilst decorative in its own right, its versatility makes it the most popular wall of the ModularWalls range, starting at around $228 +GST per lineal metre at 1.8m.

EstateWall mirrors the grand appearance of a brick wall with large piers. This option offers a premium aesthetic ideal for statement walls, sound barriers or security perimeters. This wall system comes in at around $247 +GST per lineal metre at 1.8m.

EstateWall Feature Fence - an affordable option compared to a rendered brick wall.

All three wall systems offer acoustic benefits and retaining capabilities can be integrated to achieve a dual-purpose wall in one seamless design. Installation is fast and easy, and lighting and gates can be easily incorporated into the structure, enabling customisation during the installation process.

*The maximum height attainable for the different wall types will be influenced by various factors, including wind regions, soil conditions, topography and shielding.

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