Aussie Christmas lunch ideas on the backyard BBQ

  • 2 minutes
  • 20 December 2018

Christmas traditions have a special place in many people’s hearts; but when the season is far from white and snowy, there are some culinary customs that simply don’t fit the climate. Celebrate this festive season BBQ-side with these Aussie Christmas lunch ideas!

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Christmas BBQ recipes

Fire up the barbie, folks — these recipes put an Aussie twist on traditional Christmas dishes!

Meat and fish:

For the herbivores:

Sides and salads:


Aussie Christmas lunch ideas on the backyard BBQ

Christmas cocktails

Bring some fun to your lunch plans with these festive cocktail ideas! You can also transform any of these recipes into family-friendly mocktails by simply leaving out the hard stuff. This way, they’re tasty refreshments for all!

DIY Christmas decorations inspired by Aussie bushcraft

From native wreaths, to herb garlands and edible centrepieces, these Aussie decoration ideas are super easy to DIY for maximum effort and character!  They can also double as fun craft station activities to entertain the kids whilst the adults enjoy their sangria!

Summer-proofing your alfresco entertaining plans

Aussie summers can be highly unpredictable; from absolute scorchers to sudden tropical storms, you need to prepare your BBQ for all kinds of weather. If you need to summer-proof your area this Christmas, you can check out how to make the most of a sizzling hot summer’s day here!