Susie T Designs Backyard Wall Transformation

  • 3 minutes
  • 18 August 2022

Interior designer and owner of Susie T Designs, Susie Trainor, knew from experience that ModularWalls offers more than just a wall. With her incredible eye for detail and creative approach, Susie has transformed her backyard without breaking the reno budget. 

Susie’s own home and garden renovation is an inspirational showcase of her unique style. Along with revamping the interiors, she re-landscaped the backyard and installed a pool, pool wall, cabana and boundary wall. In the video, Susie shows the finished project, and explains how ModularWalls transforms the garden into a stunning, private sanctuary. Then keep reading to discover her boundary and pool wall requirements, and why ModularWalls were the perfect solution.


New wall, pool and cabana

Susie’s home is set on a sloping block, so creating a flat, useable garden area was a top priority. Levelling the lawn involved digging down about 1200mm, and a 2.2 metre high wall was then required to block out neighbouring homes. The inclusion of the pool and cabana for relaxed entertaining means that privacy – both visual and acoustic – is critical. In addition, the walls in the new yard needed to match the home’s existing exteriors.

Susie T Designs - TrendWall boundary wall and pool cabana

Designer walls with TrendWall®

As a designer, Susie wanted her garden walls to offer more than just privacy and a place to hang the clothesline. ‘Sometimes a wall is just a wall and other times you want it to be something else,’ she says. ModularWalls’ customisable TrendWall system enabled Susie to add visual interest by incorporating an original design laser-cut infill into the poolside wall. The metal infills simply slot into the TrendWall posts for a modern aesthetic. It’s a clever way to create privacy without making the area feel too enclosed. Not to mention, it’s something that anyone using ModularWalls can do to add flair to their garden walls.

ModularWalls also allowed for a seamless flow from the front of the property through to the rear. ‘We used ModularWalls’ EstateWall to fence the front of our house years ago and it’s been fantastic. Once I knew we needed a new wall for the backyard it was a no-brainer, both for design consistency and value for money,’ she says. Because of the length and height needed, TrendWall was chosen for the rear boundary wall. Professionally painted in Dulux Dune, it matches the rest of the house and is a lovely backdrop for her plants.

Susie T Designs TrendWall with decorative infills

Smarter and faster wall construction

Budget is important in any major renovation, and this project was no exception. Constructing boundary walls from brick usually involves additional engineering and labour costs. ModularWalls is a smart alternative to achieve a wall with high-end appeal without extensive digging or extra trades.

The panels provide a fantastic alternative to free-standing masonry walls. The post and panel systems are lightweight, quick to install and offer acoustic benefits.  

Susie T Designs TrendWall boundary wall

Walls to inspire

With its crisp architectural lines and Susie’s clever design ideas, ModularWalls enhances the appeal of this resort-style garden transformation. Thrilled with the ease of construction and outcome, Susie recommends this wall system to anyone wanting a similar style for their home. ‘I love the streamlined look of the walls. I love that we have complete privacy, and I love the customisable wall height options and the design freedom it gave me,’ she says.

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