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    Deliver high level and lasting acoustic performance with our ultra-high impact resistant, vandal resistant and durable noise walls.

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Engineered for performance & durability


Premium aesthetics & cost effective


Lightweight properties for faster installation

Our range of composite, post and panel noise wall systems have proven acoustic properties suitable for a wide range of applications. Our commercial noise walls and acoustic fences are specifically designed for the harsh Australian climate and can be utilised anywhere in the country – from the coast to the outback to cyclonic areas.

A noise wall or acoustic fence – also referred to as a noise barrier, acoustic wall, sound wall, noise fence and soundproof fence – are utilised for various types of noise reduction. At ModularWalls, we have carefully engineered our products to ensure high performance criteria and design life, maximising value and return on investment and enabling peace of mind for designers, builders, developers and asset owners alike.




    • Panel spans up to 4.2 metres
    • Fibre cement/EPS composite construction
    • Lightweight
    • Impact resistant
    • Acoustic properties

    • Roadway compliant
    • Ultra-high impact resistance
    • Vandal resistant
    • Superior acoustic performance
    • Panel spans up to 4.2 metres

    • 50+ years of design life
    • Perforated outer skin
    • SPET sound absorbing core
    • Lightweight and impact resistant
    • Suitable for external noise attenuation applications

Noise Walls & Acoustic Fence Projects

  • SlimWall® keeps traffic noise at a minimum for childcare centre on busy road

    A new Rise 'n' Shine childcare centre being built near a busy road in Sydney, NSW, required an acoustic fence as specified by Council as part of the DA application.

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  • RMS chooses modular road noise barrier for Captain Cook Drive

    ModularWalls was approached once more by the Road & Maritime Services (RMS) to design and construct an EnduroMax road noise barrier along Captain Cook Drive.

    View Project
  • SlimWall® acoustic fence enhances shared pathway in Perth, WA

    During the construction of the Safety Bay Rooad shared pathway Perth, WA, the Department of Transport turned to SlimWall to provide a visually appealing acoustic fence...with stunning results.

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  • EnduroMax® delivers QLD MRTS15 noise wall to cyclonic region

    Urbex required a QLD MRTS15 compliant, high performing noise wall that overcame the environmental conditions of high winds and floods. With its pre-approval, EnduroMax was the clear choice.

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  • AcoustiMax® modular wall utilised in sound barrier for new Costco HQ

    The brand new Costco HQ in Kepms Creek utilisied AcoustiMax acoustic barrier to protect surrounding residents from the future noise of the National Distribution Centre's operations.

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  • Visually striking sound barrier for residential development

    A new residential development situated near a busy road required a visual and acoustic barrier that delivered superior noise attenuation and premium aesthetics.

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  • Visuals meet acoustics to protect McDonald's restaurant from railway

    McDonald's at Sandgate required a noise wall to serve a dual purpose of sound attenuation from the bordering train line as well as provide visual security for both boundaries.

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  • Dual-panel noise wall for Coles supermarket, Ashmore, QLD

    Coles Ashmore required two noise reduction solutions, and AcoustiMax and AcoustiSorb were the answer to reducing noise reaching surrounding residents.

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  • Noise barrier for KFC Blacktown, NSW

    A KFC store in Sydney’s West required a perimeter acoustic barrier wall shielding the drive-through and car park activity from neighbouring residents.

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  • Acoustic wall for Coles supermarket, Kellyville, NSW

    Mainbrace Constructions contacted ModularWalls for a custom designed acoustic solution to shield residents in adjoining properties from the noise of a highly patronised Coles loading dock.

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  • New Farm State School, QLD

    New Farm State School was quick to contact ModularWalls following complaints by neighbours regarding the volume of noise emitted from their premises.

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  • South Annandale Playground, Annandale, NSW

    The new South Annandale neighbourhood park required an acoustic barrier to keep the playground noise down to a minimum.

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  • ALDI, Goonellabah, NSW

    When the discount supermarket was looking for a smarter solution to shield the neighbouring residents from unwanted car park and loading dock noise, it enlisted the noise abatement leaders, ModularWalls.

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  • Noise abatement for Smithfield RSL

    Smithfield RSL were undergoing an extension of their gaming lounge and turned to ModularWalls for a noise abatement solution to shield neighbours and alleviate their noise concerns.

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