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BarrierWall road noise wall offers quick and easy installation for land development

30 November 2017

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The client required a 3.6m road noise wall between lot developments that offered a quick and easy installation, due to overhead power lines and tight time constraints between DA approval and hand over. Overhead and underground services posed a further challenge, prohibiting heavy beams from being used in the design, whilst still requiring the panels to achieve a minimum of 15 kg/m2 density.

The BarrierWall™ system by ModularWalls overcame both challenges whilst providing the added benefits of premium aesthetics. The lightweight, modular system offered installation without the use of a crane and was installed in just 2 weeks.

Running almost 90m long and incorporating proprietary AcoustiMax™ panels, the road noise wall provided high quality sound attenuation from Narellan Road, a major arterial road in the area, and perfectly integrated with an existing wall.

The BarrierWall enables businesses to combine the pleasing aesthetic of a domestic wall with the scale, resilience and outstanding sound insulation performance of a commercial wall. The dimensions of the posts give it the ability to achieve a significantly greater height than other modular wall systems, as well as take on a much stronger wind load. This makes it ideal for commercial applications that necessitate acoustic barriers of a larger scale, in order to fully address the greater noise pollution challenges encountered by businesses, as compared to residential buildings.

The modular nature of the BarrierWall means that it can be customised for performance and achieve specific aesthetic or functional objectives. Extra features can be utilised to expand its functionality for commercial purposes, including customised access gates, lighting installations, intercom systems, security cameras and acrylic screens.