Acoustic solutions for commercial air-conditioning units

29 July 2016


Our leading-edge noise absorbing panels, AcoustiSorb, were identified as the best fit for Enterprise Data, a national data storage company, who were enforced by council to mitigate noise levels from A/C units or risk being shut down.

Enterprise Data, a national data storage company, utilises large air conditioning units which run 24 hours a day in order to maintain their temperature controlled rooms at a constant level. With imminent expansion of their business, Enterprise Data required approval from the local council to install additional AC units at their premises. The council identified that these AC units were causing disturbance to the nearby residents especially during night time operating hours, and accordingly enforced an order that the company must mitigate noise levels from these units or risk being shut down.

ModularWalls reviewed the acoustic assessment and noted that due to close proximity of hard surfaces, reflective barriers were not suitable for the challenging requirements of this project. Hence, our leading-edge sound absorbing panels, AcoustiSorb, was identified as the best fit. This design comfortably exceeded the council requirements. The full system was then constructed and painted onsite in less than 2 days. In total, the wall was built 42m long and 3.9m high and achieved an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 0.95 and an RW (Weighted Sound Reduction Index) of 28.