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VogueWall® modular wall brings landscaping ideas to reality for backyard makeover in Perth

31 January 2018

2 Mins

Julie Scherini of Perth, WA, transformed her backyard into a beautiful poolside oasis. Even though the brick wall included in their landscaping ideas was expensive and problematic for their yard conditions, she still desired the same premium look of a masonry boundary…and then, along came VogueWall.



When did you begin your backyard makeover?

We decided to do the backyard after our daughter grew out of the cubby that was there. We decided to put a pool in, so we did a few drawings of how things might go, and looked around at the different options for pools.


Do you have any tips for homeowners looking for backyard landscaping ideas?

We ended up hiring a landscape designer to come up with some basic ideas on how we should go ahead, which was the best idea ever.  For a flat fee of around $500 she came out and talked to us about what we wanted and did a drawing of what to do. It included colours, plant suggestions, placement of the pool… and it was her idea to build the deck overhanging the pool, which looks fabulous.

We went ahead with most of her landscaping ideas, which we are incredibly pleased with.


What guided you to choose a modular wall system over other wall or fencing products?

In terms of fencing, we looked at quite a number of options including Colourbond, brick, modular and a DIY blue board type of fence.

In the end, we chose a modular as it was cheaper and quicker than a brick wall, gave the same great look, we didn’t need to go to council to get approved (as it was replacing an existing fence) and it didn’t have the same requirements for footings as a brick wall. We have sewerage pipes quite close to the wall, and a sewerage test point where the corner is, so building brick footings was going to be a problem.

The modular wall went up very quickly, so it was perfect for our needs.  The Aluminium rails at the top made it fit so well with the wood in the decking and screen!


How did you finish your modular wall to harmonise with the rest of the backyard design?

We painted/textured the wall ourselves – we just bought a Dulux textured paint. We are super happy with the entire backyard makeover, and the fence just sets it off so well!

The fence has been up for over a year now and we are really happy with it.


There’s no time like the present; transform your backyard into the dream oasis you’ve always wanted.