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Interview with a DIYer: How To Customise Your DIY SlimWall®

4 August 2017

2 Mins


Lauren Pitts, a homeowner in Dudley, NSW, had a chat with us about her recent DIY installation of her beautifully customised SlimWall modular fence.


Q. What guided you to choose ModularWalls?

A. Having a corner block with high exposure meant that a colorbond fence would not compliment the house and look unsightly. After spending money and effort on the house, we wanted a fence that was easy to install, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.

We live in a coastal environment so the product needed to be robust; the alternative was to build a brick or block fence and have it rendered, with engineered footings. The cost of this would have been thousands – ModularWalls saved us a lot of time, money and effort.

Another bonus in using a modular wall for us is that it could be pulled apart if it was ever necessary to gain access into the yard — even if panels got damaged in doing this, they could be easily replaced.


Q. Did you find DIY installation easy?

A. The install was very easy. All the components required were provided, and the wall went up in no time at all. The weight of the panels was easy to manage with two people and sliding the panels into the uprights worked without a hitch. The important thing is to ensure the uprights are installed straight.


Q. Could you tell us about your installation experience?

A. Our wall was erected in two parts as we needed access to install a pool. For the total length, the install took 3 days. Painting was easy, with priming first and then two coats of normal exterior paint.

To finish the modular wall, we decided to maintain the smooth finish and just prime the wall, and paint it with two coats of normal household exterior paint.


Q. Was it easy to add decorative screens to a SlimWall?

A. We bought the “cut out” panels from Bunnings; the height of these panels worked in well with the Modular Wall panels and was very easy to install. We limited the panels to the front part of the side boundary, as the panels could not be used inside the pool area due to pool compliance laws.


Q. How do you feel about your finished Modular Wall?

A. We are extremely happy with the product and have no hesitation in recommending the product. Lots of people have commented on how nice it looks, and have asked where I got the wall from.


Q. Do you have any tips or suggestions for anyone considering DIY installation?

A. Do not hesitate! If you’re happy with the look and price of the wall, installation is a breeze and it will be installed in no time at all.