Creative Front Wall for High End Residential Development

  • 2 minutes
  • 28 July 2016

Having worked with ModularWalls previously, the residential developer was familiar with ModularWalls ease of installation and adaptability. With a specific design directive from the Architect requesting a seamless stone cladded wall design that ensconced both the posts and panels, it was paramount the wall seamlessly linked to the apartments quality finish. In addition, they needed a cost effective retaining solution that permitted integration above the ground planter boxes that accentuated the leafy area and heightened street appeal.

Brick Alternative Retaining Wall Systems Apart of Residential Development

Given its versatility and ability to be customised, VogueWall, with its single brick width pier look, was the perfect product. The superior aesthetics and customisation of this product make it the most popular wall of choice, and for this project wall mount channels were used to create a flush finish with the posts. When incorporated with the proprietary VogueWall retaining panels, this wall is capable of retaining soil loads up to 750mm high offering a cost-effective and tailored approach to installing raised planter boxes, minimising waste and excessive material usage. With a Modular Wall typically costing less than half the cost of a traditional masonry wall, the final 100 linear metres was truly economical. With a reputation for quality and innovation, ModularWalls have changed the way residential walls are built ensuring you no longer have to pay premium brickie prices or endure the lengthy brick installation times.

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