Sound attenuation wall for Byron Bay bypass

  • 3 minutes
  • 28 July 2021

The largest infrastructure project by the Byron Shire Council, the Bryon Bay bypass achieved many milestones. Including an EnduroMax® sound attenuation wall to reduce traffic noise on Butler Street.  

Noise barrier for the Byron Bay Bypass - EnduroMax

A new noise barrier for the Byron Bay Bypass

On behalf of the Bryon Shire Council, civil contractors Hazell Bros required an RMS R271 compliant sound attenuation wall. The purpose of the noise barrier was to shield Bryon Bay residents from heavy traffic noise on the adjacent bypass. As part of the significant roadworks for the bypass, which also included 2.3km of cycle lanes, 1.2km of new road and a pedestrian bridge. Apart from noise reduction, the wall aesthetic was also an essential factor in ensuring it matched the Bryon Bay landscape. Therefore, ModularWalls, EnduroMax panels were the perfect solution. EnduroMax meets all RMS requirements, has noise-reducing capabilities and can be customised in a variety of finishes. 

Sound attenuation - EnduroMax

A challenge like no other

When undertaking a major construction project like the Bryon Bay bypass, there can be delays due to bad weather and unforeseen circumstances. Still, it’s a rare occasion when production is temporarily paused from discovering a rare native snail. However, that’s what happened at the site for the sound attenuation wall. With the rare Mitchell’s Rainforest Snail survival in hand, work presumed. Subsequently, the council mayor has stated, ‘we will invest $81,700 towards the regeneration of 17.5 hectares of potential Mitchell’s Rainforest Snail habitat’. So, hopefully, this endangered snail can live on for many years to come. 

A sound attenuation wall to complement Byron Bay

ModularWalls worked with the Hazell Bros on both the design of the sound attenuation wall and the engineering. With this collaborative approach, we quickly found a fit for purpose solution using EnduroMax. The benefit of EnduroMax includes its durability, which makes it impact-resistant, yet still lightweight. Overall, the modular design, durability and lightweight panels make them far easier to manoeuvre and install than concrete noise walls. Plus, with the added advantage that EnduroMax meets all RMS R271 acoustic requirements, it’s a clear choice for road infrastructure environments. 

Sound attenuation for the Byron Bay Bypass - EnduroMax

On completion, the sound attenuation wall complies with all requirements of the Bryon Shire Council’s plans. Including a colour palette to complement the landscape. Taking inspiration from the surrounding Bryon Bay wetlands, three colour palettes consisting of eighteen Dulux paint colours feature on the sound attenuation wall. The result is a colourful 200-metre long noise barrier wall representing the surrounding flora and fauna while helping minimise heavy traffic noise on the bypass. 

On the whole, Hazell Bros and ModularWalls delivered a sound attenuation wall to project specifications. While at the same time helping the Bryon Shire Council minimise heavy traffic noise for residents with an aesthetic that fits the iconic landmark that is Bryon Bay. 

Project: EnduroMax® sound attenuation wall for Bryon Bay Bypass
ModularWalls Products: EnduroMax®
Location: Bryon Bay, NSW
Civil Contractor: Hazell Bros

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