TerraFirm Pro retaining wall panels for Toowoomba Council corridor upgrade

  • 2 minutes
  • 23 September 2020

A key infrastructure project for Toowoomba Regional Council required an innovative retaining wall design that overcame highly limiting site conditions. Our revolutionary TerraFirm retaining wall panels were the only product on the market that fit the brief.

Griffiths Street corridor upgrade

The Griffiths Street Corridor Upgrade was part of the $1.6 billion Second Range Crossing project,  jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments. Being a key milestone for the larger infrastructure project, Griffiths Street provided a vital link to the New England Highway at Harlaxton, supporting the construction of a bypass to the north of Toowoomba.

“This upgrade is an important piece in the delivery of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing and another example of all levels of government working together to deliver significant infrastructure for the Toowoomba region.”

                   — Hon Scott Buchholz MP, Assistant Minister for Roads and Transport (source)

The upgrades to Griffiths Street included new underground drainage and a road widening. The project also included landscaping to ensure the final aesthetic was in keeping with the local community setting.

However, these upgrades significantly reduced the space between the road and private properties. As a result, there was insufficient room for a traditional block retaining wall and footing design without either resuming or purchasing land from neighbouring residents.

Furthermore, underground services restricted most other retaining wall options, requiring a lightweight design with minimal footing requirements.


TerraFirm retaining wall panels were the only solution to meet the design brief

Fortuitously for the client, the modular design and simplicity of the TerraFirm Pro retaining panels overcame every single challenge. In fact, TerraFirm Pro was the only solution available that met the design brief and fit the unique site conditions.

Ranging between 900-1200mm high, the TerraFirm Pro retaining panels provided a sophisticated retaining solution that combined strength, durability and harmonious aesthetics. In addition, the wall was easily constructed around the existing underground cabling utilising 100UC14.8 galvanised steel posts.

The final solution ran approx. 90m in length, incorporating returns for private driveway access. The walls were installed, waterproofed and finished in just four days, expertly installed by Queensland Commercial Walls. The finished aesthetic exceeded community expectations, accentuating the surrounding natural landscapes and following the gentle undulation of the land.

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