Arcadian Hills Residential Housing Development

  • 2 minutes
  • 2 September 2016

The Arcadian Hills Cobbitty residential development is established amongst a picturesque, rural rolling landscape, therefore the design solution needed to offer a distinguished perimeter wall style. ModularWalls was called upon to provide an acoustic barrier shielding the new homes that would be exposed to busy traffic noise continuously travelling along the Northern Road. Not only did the solution have to offer noise attenuation, but accentuate the unique historic features under pinning the residential development. In addition, some sections of the wall had to be affixed to the top of a pre-cast concrete structure to provide a seamless extension for an existing masonry retaining wall. Finally, as the wall faced a principal road, it needed to be treatable for possible vandalism.

Residential Housing Development EstateWalls

ModularWalls EstateWall with its more decorative design was the perfect product. The acoustically rated wall not only shielded residents with a 20+dB reduction in audible noise but enhanced the street frontage. Because of the requirement to have partial sections integrate with an existing masonry retaining structure, some of the walls were core fixed to a block retaining wall, whilst some sections required posts to be anchored into natural ground. Highly versatile in its finishing treatment, the wall was painted in the specified colour to frame the houses perfectly, and was then given an anti-graffiti treatment on the face that was exposed to the busy roadside. Ultimately, the EstateWall system was a cost-effective and profitable solution for the developers whilst creating a stylish finish that linked into the overarching development style.

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