AcoustiMax® acoustic barrier for Perth City Link’s Northbridge Bus Depot

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  • 8 May 2019

The Northbridge Bus Depot was a Smart Transport Initiative, as part of the Perth City Link project. The initiative was aimed at improving congestion to public transport customers in Perth; however, the subsequent additional operational noise from the buses necessitated the construction of a commercial-grade acoustic barrier around the depot.

Northbridge Bus Depot

The client brief detailed a solution that offered strong acoustic properties, easy installation and a visually pleasing aesthetic. Additionally, traditional masonry required extensive excavation of cumbersome strip footings due to sandy soil, while the built-up surrounds made plant operation difficult.

BarrierWall’s easy installation was a standout factor for our client. Due to its modular nature, the simple post and panel construction completely negating the need for strip footings. Reaching 3m high and using our proprietary AcoustiMax75 panels, the acoustic attenuation requirements were comfortably achieved.

Finally, the subtle colour scheme perfectly blended with its surrounds, yet created a warm, refreshing atmosphere.

Northbridge Bus Depot - Perth city link

The Perth City Link Project

Perth City Link is one of the city’s most exciting redevelopments, bringing new life to an area that was once just a network of bus and train connections.

The Perth City Link project will reconnect the CBD with Northbridge for the first time in more than 100 years. The project is unlocking large areas of unused land, creating an exciting new destination.

Northbridge Bus Depot - Perth city link

About AcoustiMax®

The AcoustiMax panel achieves an average Weighted Sound Reduction Index of up to 28, with a cementitious exterior that can be painted, textured or decorated to match specific design goals or architectural styles. The lightweight, modular design dramatically reduces build times, as well as the labour and machinery needed for challenging sites.

About BarrierWall

The BarrierWall system combines the pleasing aesthetic of a domestic wall with the scale, resilience and outstanding acoustic attenuation performance of a commercial wall. Its modular nature also allows it to be used in combination with a range of ModularWalls’ revolutionary wall panels to achieve specific aesthetic or performance objectives.

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