Noise wall design goes above and beyond for Emerald Hills Estate

  • 3 minutes
  • 26 June 2020

ModularWalls prides itself on its unique ability to manufacture custom, modern solutions to age-old challenges. When Macarthur Developments required a highly customised noise wall design for their Emerald Hills Estate, it soon became clear that the specified stone aesthetics were not possible with the current products, so ModularWalls created one.

Emerald Hill Estate noise wall

Macarthur Developments are renowned for stunning communities across Western Sydney, and the Emerald Hills estate is no exception. The Emerald Hills Estate required several kilometres of noise wall to mitigate road noise from Camden Valley Way, a 4-lane arterial road along their frontage.

The noise wall design included their signature blue colour and an additional requirement from the council. The council specified that the noise wall must incorporate a sandstone look to break up the aesthetic and harmonise with the natural sandstone from the wider Emerald Hills Estate design values.

Instead of accepting that this particular aesthetic was yet to be an option within their product range, they created one from scratch. ModularWalls developed a sandstone cladding solution to wrap over the face of its VogueWall posts. The cladding was developed and manufactured in-house, serving as a testament to their commitment to innovative, custom solutions and the sheer power of manufacturing.

“The ModularWalls team were responsive, they listen, they’re open-minded, and they’re also flexible to work to our particular needs. And I guess the evidence of that is in the product; it looks good! And we get positive comments from council, residents and motorists that use the roads, as well.”

— Stephen McMahon, General Manager of Macarthur Developments

Innovative design

There were multiple assessment rounds, quality testing and refinement, and continued consultation with Macarthur Developments to perfect the cladding’s texture, look and feel. Multiple patterns of the silicone moulds were made to prevent any visible repeating of the pattern, with a very precise process to maintain the strength, consistency and organically ‘random’ colour within a prescribed spectrum.

Utilising their proprietary AcoustiMax panels, the noise wall comfortably achieved the acoustic attenuation required to mitigate the road noise and protect the serenity of Emerald Hills Estate. The final design measures up to 2.1m heights and is truly a work of art.

“We’re manufacturers, and we’re inventors, so we use this ability to help our clients; ‘importers’ of products simply can’t do this.”

— Nick Holden, Founder & Director of Innovation, ModularWalls

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