EstateWall®chosen for Globuild’s Infinity Cove luxury apartment complex

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  • 16 July 2019

Infinity Cove is a luxury apartment complex situated in the lush suburbs of Lane Cove. Known for their commitment to quality materials and innovative developments, Globuild gave serious consideration to every detail of the design; including the exquisite EstateWall front boundary wall.

EstaeWall Infinity Cove

“Boasting contemporary luxury living and cutting-edge innovation, Infinity Cove is the ultimate fusion of opulence sustainability and creative design. Designed by the Renowned Architect Frank Stanisic, combined with the very best practices of engineering and construction, Infinity Cove is designed to transform one of the most vibrant pockets of Lane Cove to a new urban home.” — Infinity Cove Luxury Apartments

In keeping with Infinity Cove’s innovative architectural values, the front boundary wall design required a premium, sophisticated aesthetic. However, with the tight build schedule around other trades and the proximity to main roads restricting site access, traditional masonry was proving to be incredibly challenging and costly.

EstateWall Infinity Cove

EstateWall: the grand statement at Infinity Cove

Boasting grand posts and a smooth, render-like finish, our EstateWall modular wall  provided the perfect masonry alternate solution. The final product reaches 2.4m high and ran a total length of over 100m. Additionally, the design smoothly meandered around the perimeter of the apartment complex, harmonising with the curved architectural lines.

ModularWalls worked directly with GloBuild, managing a multiple-stage installation that seamlessly fit in within other trades. The modular nature of the wall negated the need for cumbersome strip footings or extensive machinery, easily manoeuvring between main roads and footpaths. With the power to seamlessly integrate retaining for the interior garden beds, ModularWalls was able to deliver a bold yet sleek wall design, whilst saving the client a considerable percentage of cost, compared to the rendered masonry alternative.

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