EnduroMax® sound barrier wall for Warringah Freeway

  • 3 minutes
  • 26 August 2021

Residents surrounding the Warringah Freeway have endured noise from consistently heavy traffic for many years. So, to combat the relentless noise, Celtic Civil, on behalf of Transport for NSW, approached ModularWalls for a sound barrier wall solution.  

EnduroMax® sound barrier wall Warringah Freeway

Residents require a sound barrier wall   

As Sydney’s population has grown over the years, so has the noise from cars and large trucks on the Freeways entering the Sydney CBD. So, it’s no surprise Cammeray (North Sydney) residents requested the local council address increasing traffic noise disturbing their homes along the Warringah Freeway.   

While residents were eager to solve their noise issue, there were concerns regarding the height and length of the council’s initial noise wall proposal. Besides resident concerns, Transport for NSW had many considerations regarding the new sound barrier wall, including:  

  • Construction noise and speed of installation
  • Ensuring natural light is not blocked from residential homes  
  • Finding a solution that meets Transport for NSW R271 requirements  
  • Logistics of constructing a noise wall adjoining a busy freeway and the subsequent impact on traffic flow 
  • Wall aesthetics, including hidden posts for the Freeway side of the wall
EnduroMax® sound barrier wall Warringah Freeway

EnduroMax® provides a lightweight solution that meets all requirements  

By collaborating with Transport for NSW and Celtic Civil, ModularWalls provided design and engineering input to formulate the ideal solution for the Warringah Freeway. As a result, an EnduroMax sound barrier wall met all requirements.   

The solid panels of EnduroMax offer superior acoustic qualities, making them perfect for reducing the constant sound of heavy traffic on the Freeway. EnduroMax also meets or exceeds all national road noise barrier specifications, including Transport for NSW R271. Furthermore, the modular, lightweight nature of EnduroMax provides faster installation times than a concrete wall solution. Therefore, a quick, modular solution such as EnduroMax ultimately means less disruption to the 24-hour traffic on the Warringah Freeway. As a result, EnduroMax helps ensure shorter project timelines and less disruption to the busy Freeway, thanks to the minimal machinery requirements. Lastly, EnduroMax meets the aesthetic request for hidden support posts. This request was an essential factor in the overall appearance of the noise wall from the freeway side.

EnduroMax® delivers for Cammeray residents  

On completion, Cammeray residents have an EnduroMax sound barrier wall 4.5 metres high and 180 metres long on the Warringah Freeway. Plus, an additional 3 metre high and 17-metre-long wall near Brook Lane, Cammeray. In addition to the EnduroMax noise wall, Celtic Civil installed acrylic inserts at the top of several wall sections ensuring natural light filters through to residential homes.   

Celtic Civil EnduroMax - Warringah Freeway

Above: the residential side of the EnduroMax sound attenuation wall with acrylic inserts

Overall, Celtic Civil and ModularWalls delivered a sound barrier wall meeting all Transport for NSW specifications. While at the same time providing Cammeray residents welcome relief from the heavy traffic noise along the Freeway. Plus, the noise wall offers a modern aesthetic that complements its surroundings. Lastly, Australian designed and manufactured, ModularWalls provides a fast and cost-effective solution that can withstand harsh Australian conditions.

Project: EnduroMax® sound barrier wall for Warringah Freeway
ModularWalls products: EnduroMax®
Location: Sydney
Developer: Transport for NSW (formerly Roads & Maritime Services (RMS))
Contractor: Celtic Civil 

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