EstateWall®delivers brick alternative for Brett’s Wharf

  • 2 minutes
  • 17 September 2019

In an effort to reduce street noise and boost residents’ security, Brett’s Wharf wished to extend an existing masonry wall to create a secure boundary for Windermere Tower.

The detailed design brief required a brick wall alternative that guaranteed minimal site disturbance to the heritage listed trees and established gardens, yet still aesthetically mirrored the existing rendered wall.

Situated riverside, in the heart of Hamilton, Brett Wharf is one of Brisbane’s most coveted addresses. As such, the aesthetic integrity of the modular wall design was a high priority. With robust posts and smooth, cementitious panel surfaces, EstateWall effortlessly delivers a grand statement; complete with extended pillars and External post tops, it perfectly emulated the traditional design of the existing wall.

ModularWalls’ exquisite range of fencing and wall systems met every strict criterion of the client’s brief. Emulating the look of traditional masonry, the modular wall systems follow a post and panel design; this completely negates the need for strip footings or heavy machinery.

EstateWall Delivers Brick Alternative Wall for Brett’s Wharf

Consequently, the installation easily preserved the state of the surrounding protected vegetation. Furthermore, the modular nature of the walls ensures an easy, rapid install; in fact, the entire 82-metre-run was installed and finished over a 2-week period.

Therefore, compared to its masonry alternative, it saved considerable time and costs, compared to a traditional rendered brick wall. Finished with exterior paint and customised with integrated post lighting and pedestrian gates, EstateWall exceeded both the aesthetic and security requirements of the Brett’s Wharf tower.

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