Acoustically rated barrier boosts Coles Ashmore-Benowa appeal

  • 2 minutes
  • 29 April 2016

The Gold Coast region was a target for infrastructure upgrades ahead of the Commonwealth Games, and now boasts a highly sought after neighbourhood shopping development spearheaded by the Coles Group Property.

The Coles Benowa Village Shopping Centre completes the major Gold Coast infrastructure changes and creates a new urban heart including Coles along with 13 specialty stores. With any development there comes a responsibility to neighbouring residents with regards to acoustic abatement solutions.

Coles Group Property were required by Council to provide an acoustically rated barrier alongside the acceleration lane shielding neighbouring residents from traffic noise. In addition, there was a requirement for a custom designed acoustic solution to shield residents in adjoining properties from the noise of a highly patronised Coles loading dock that operates late into the evening. Given the region is on show to the world whilst the Commonwealth countries descend into the area, aesthetically any acoustic barrier had to be of superior quality.

Acoustically Rated Barrier Systems

It was a combination of two different noise abatement products that provided the perfect solution. For the Ashmore Road Acceleration Lane, 190 metres of GuardianWall standing at the extra tall height of 3 metres deemed most suitable. When incorporated with AcoustiMax75 panels a noise reduction of 28Rw is comfortably achieved and ensured sufficient noise attenuation for neighbouring residents. The pre-finished panels allowed for a faster and more cost effective installation. By cleverly incorporating a customised design including multi pre-coloured panels on the wall surface, no painting post installation was required. This also permitted a unique and dynamic colour scheme that fitted in perfectly with the surrounding area and its diverse audience.

Acoustically Rated Barrier Systems

A superior noise absorption solution was required for the Coles Loading Dock and ModularWalls new sound absorbing composite wall panel, AcoustiSorb provided the perfect antidote given it absorbs noise from its source. Rather than reflect sound back onto opposing areas, each AcoustiSorb panel has a perforated face to absorb sound waves within its core material. Each panel has a perforated face to absorb sound waves within its core material, resulting in an NRC rating > 0.9.

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