Acoustic wall solution for Woolworths rooftop

  • 2 minutes
  • 10 December 2015

The demolition and part-closure of a shopping centre prompted Woolworths Belrose to relocate their rooftop air conditioning units to stay operational. However, the new air conditioning unit’s location was close to built-up units, leading to complaints from residents. The acoustic wall solution must also be aesthetically pleasing for the busy Stockland Shopping Centre encircled by suburban housing. One of the first challenges was finding a place to mount the vertical wall.

So, the ModularWalls engineering team went to work and designed a solution to fix the acoustic wall to a track aligned to a girt underneath the metal roof skin. The panels then stood vertically on the track using tie rods tensioned down to the base track. Diagonal cables were then mounted to the top lineal and fixed to an appropriate anchor point on the roof with custom-made brackets. The premium performing AcoustiSorb75 panels available only from ModularWalls were easily situated and installed on the rooftop premise.

Next, a sound level measurement test before and after the AcoustiSorb wall installation found no discernible difference. The result indicates that the AcoustiSorb75 was absorbing the sound as required with no reflective transmission towards the measuring device. The pre-finished panels meant no painting was required following installation, and the surf mist colour gave an aesthetically pleasing solution. 

As the leading manufacturer of cost-effective acoustic and boundary walls, ModularWalls designs wall systems that solve every challenge.

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