Acoustic fence for Melbourne childcare centre

  • 2 minutes
  • 14 September 2016

The SlimWall acoustic fence for a childcare centre in Melbourne fulfilled aesthetic and acoustic requirements, whilst also proving far more cost-effective.

A project management company was in the process of building a childcare centre on a corner block located on the Burwood Highway in Vermont South. A brand new townhouse development was situated adjacent to the childcare centre, and the architects requested the installation of a boundary fence with strong acoustic properties to prevent noise pollution. This would be particularly important for the project given that EPA Victoria applies strict noise controls to residential areas, and a childcare centre can be a significant noise source.

- Commrical Case Study Acoustic fence for Melbourne childcare centre - SlimWall

The client opted for the SlimWall provided by ModularWalls. The SlimWall fulfilled the project’s aesthetic and acoustic requirements whilst also proving far more cost-effective. When rendering expenses are taken into account, a modular solution ends up being significantly cheaper. This was a key factor for the project given the childcare centre is considered a commercial space, and therefore needed to meet budget demands. While the initial brief only required a boundary fence for acoustic purposes, the client also made use of ModularWalls retaining panels that accompany the SlimWall for retaining purposes. Part of the boundary was converted into a highly effective retaining wall to successfully hold off a section of soil at the rear end of the property.

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