VogueWall®offers 75% less installation time than brick

  • 2 minutes
  • 12 February 2018

The client required a stylish wall solution with a quick construction timeline to shield a display house from a major entry road into a new community development in Kellyville, NSW. ModularWalls was able to offer a whopping 75% saving in install time, whilst delivering aesthetic appeal and synergy with the development ideal and house architecture.

The VogueWall system, measuring 2.4m high, ran approx. 100m long, with installation completed around other trades in just 8 days. Compared to the average estimate of a masonry installation of the same size, this equates to a staggering 75-77% reduction in install time, in addition to the site disruption avoided by using a post and panel system that doesn’t require strip footings.

Commercial Perimeter Fencing - fast install time

The superior and versatile aesthetics of the VogueWall saved the client even more time, due to its pre-primed, rendered surface only requiring two coats of exterior paint to achieve a premium, rendered finish.

Commercial Perimeter Fencing - fast install time

VogueWall is designed to closely mirror a rendered masonry wall, whilst delivering substantial cost and time savings. It is our most popular wall style, due to its design and applicational versatility, acoustic capabilities and high-end aesthetic. Decorative in its own right, VogueWall is the perfect solution for a boundary wall, feature wall, privacy wall, pool wall or visually appealing acoustic barrier.

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