Three lessons we took from DesignBUILD Expo 2019

  • 2 minutes
  • 13 June 2019

Each year, the landscape of the DesignBUILD expo evolves and – amidst the hectic bustle – offers valuable, new lessons. After three massive days, here were our top three takeaways from DesignBUILD 2019.

1. Touch & feel

Having such a vast online presence, we never underestimate the power of holding a physical product in your own hands.

Being able to watch people explore our products in such a tactile way is a remarkable experience; it reminds us that even in this highly digital age, a full sensory experience is a truly powerful factor in the decision-making process.

2. People love supporting Aussie companies with Australian Made products

We found an overwhelming appreciation that we were a local manufacturer, supplying Australian Made products, made from locally sourced materials.

This year’s DesignBUILD saw an increase in overseas companies showcasing imported products. On the one hand, this can serve as a great opportunity to find innovative products from around the globe. However, the feedback we received was a genuine admiration for companies that were committed to strengthening the domestic Australian market.

It is in these moments that we are deeply proud to be an Australian manufacturer, with a commitment to supplying the highest quality materials to Australia’s largest companies and projects.

3. A good cup of coffee goes a long way

Exhibitions can easily become sensory overload. The sheer amount of visual stimulation flooding from each stand often results in fatigue; soon enough, all the stands simply blur into one. Therefore, holding a space where one could stop, recharge and focus was a haven in itself.

We were amazed and honoured to have met so many incredible professionals who took the time to stop by our stand, grab a hot cuppa and choose to find out more about ModularWalls in their own time. Being able to speak directly to design professionals about how we can better support them was indispensable; above all, we look forward to taking that energy and streamlining it into the future innovations of ModularWalls.