The Future of Road & Rail Infrastructure

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  • 24 November 2017

With so many major road & rail infrastructure projects — worth more than $300 billion around the country — either underway or in the infrastructure pipeline, the demand for cost-efficient, time-efficient and sustainable products and processes is increasing at a staggering rate.

Amidst the substantial state and federal investments in infrastructure, new frameworks have been introduced surrounding topics such as reducing investment risk, protection of infrastructure corridors, and sustainability guidelines including clean energy targets and carbon offset standards.

ModularWalls provides carbon efficient, cost-effective wall solutions that comply with these frameworks and can overcome any challenge. Whether it be superior aestheticsnoise abatement, impact-resistance, innovative design, rapid manufacture to fit tight installation schedules, overcoming difficult site access, highly customised designs or harsh environmental hazards, ModularWalls can deliver.

In the latest Road & Rail brochure, we delve into three of the most current priorities of road & rail infrastructure projects, including:

  • Impact resistance
  • Minimising risk
  • Environmentally sustainable products and practices

Explore the brochure to find out how our aesthetically advanced, innovatively designed, cost-effective solutions can support the future of infrastructure.

Road & Rail infrastructure

How does ModularWalls assist in project carbon neutrality?

To minimise your carbon footprint, a number of factors need to be analysed. This includes material selection (including manufacturing processes and raw material assessments), transportation requirements and installation methods.

ModularWalls conducted a comparative case study of the carbon footprint created by the installation of a noise wall running a distance of 1000 lineal metres, comparing the EnduroMax panels against traditional precast concrete panels.

The innovative EnduroMax panel provided a massive 80% carbon reduction project-wide. This dramatically lowered CO₂ emissions across the manufacture, transportation and installation of the panels.

The embodied CO₂ of the EnduroMax panel itself is just a third that of precast concrete noise wall panels of the same dimensions; this saves roughly 135.35 tonnes of embodied CO₂. This is due to ModularWalls’ innovative manufacturing processes, which are constantly improved and enhanced to be efficient and sustainable.

EnduroMax also weighed in at a mere 146kg, as compared to 1440kg (for a 4 x 1.2 x 0.125m product). Consequently, transportation incurred only 9.58 tonnes of CO₂ emissions over 1000km, as compared to 74.52 tonnes for traditional concrete.

Furthermore, during installation, the modular design of EnduroMax achieved major reductions due to quicker and more convenient construction. This incurred a CO₂ load of 6.3 tonnes as compared to 16.53 tonnes for precast concrete panels.

Therefore, choosing ModularWalls products ensures carbon efficiency at every stage of the supply chain – from manufacture, to transport, to installation – making them a smart choice for any carbon-conscious development.

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