Outdoor entertaining ideas

  • 4 minutes
  • 15 September 2022

Australian weather means that outdoor entertaining is always an option. Whether you are looking to throw the ultimate pool party or snuggle up around a fire pit, we’ve got you covered with these outdoor entertaining ideas!

Before you start planning what your outdoor entertaining area is going to look like, there are a few things to consider:

  • How big is your outdoor area? Will you be looking for an outdoor table or something smaller?
  • What does your space look like? Will you be incorporating a pool area or working with a quaint balcony setup?
  • What is your budget? Will you be setting up a simple area, or looking for some luxury components?
  • Who will you be entertaining? Will there be children or just grownup friends?
  • What environment are you looking to have? Will it be chill, cosy, elegant, or something in between?

To help you get started, we’ve found six sure-fire ways to make your entertaining area the talk of the town, and the best part? They are DIY, so you can get cracking today!

Great outdoor entertaining ideas begin with a fire pit

Outdoor Fire Pit | Little Dwellings

As we come into the colder months, a fire pit is the perfect addition for any outdoor setting. Firstly, if you have a larger space, a beautiful in-ground fire pit may be the choice for you. Alternatively, there are smaller options available to keep your guests warm while still being super stylish. Consider also putting together a blanket basket for your visitors! It’s a meaningful touch that will be very much appreciated.

Bunnings have a range of fire pits for all budgets, that you can check out here!

Get back to nature with a picnic at home


If you aren’t ready to commit to any outdoor furniture, setting up an outdoor entertaining picnic area is the perfect solution! This can be dressed up with some outdoor pillows and throws, creating a cosy setup anybody would enjoy. It’s also super easy to do! You can spread a rug out onto your grass or create a charming patio set up. Either way, this is perfect for a chill afternoon in the sun.

Don’t forget to include table decorations with your outdoor entertaining ideas

This is the absolute best option for anybody who likes to get a bit crafty! Plus, it’s perfect for sprucing up the aesthetic of your outdoor entertaining area. For instance, something as simple as origami napkins on your picnic table makes all the difference. Also, you can give it a personal touch with some homemade name plates to make your guests feel extra special. Think about picking up some battery candles as well! These look awesome and won’t blow out if it gets a bit windy.

Get comfortable and create your poolside lounge

If you are working with a poolside area, you cannot go wrong with some pool lounge chairs. Your guests won’t want to leave; they’ll be so comfy! An easy and effective way to achieve this would be adding some footstools to your existing day beds. You could also repurpose some indoor pillows that are looking for a new home. Also, if you have families over, nothing is quite as fun as a pool party. You can have pool games set up for the kids to play while the adults lounge around with some drinks and snacks.

Create a poolside oasis like this Hamptons-style retreat by Three Birds Renovations. House 11.

For more inspiration, check out Three Birds Renovations Instagram feed

Have fun with backyard games

Backyard games can be fun for anybody, not just kids! No matter how much or how little space you have, you can find a game to suit; there are so many options. If you are working with a larger outdoor entertaining space, bring out a wheelie bin and set up the ultimate backyard cricket match. You could also set up a scavenger hunt that will be the talk of the town. For smaller spaces, you can play cards games! Make your own celebrity heads featuring your guests – this is bound to bring laughs!

Backyard Games

Make it memorable with a photo booth

Using your ModularWalls as a backdrop, set up a photo booth! It’s an easy (and cheap) way to get crafty, plus it’s a load of fun. Simply put a few props together, grab your phone and get snapping. The best part? Your guests have a lovely memento to take home, so they’ll never forget the amazing time they had.

Whether you go all out with some crafty DIY options or keep it simple and understated, these outdoor entertaining ideas are entirely within your gasp.