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Download our free eBook, the New Build Bible, today!

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Thinking of building a new home? Deciding between a renovation or new build? About to start your new build project, but not sure where to start? Download our free eBook, the New Build Bible!

This exclusive resource is packed full of information to help make your new build experience as seamless as possible, including:

  • Expert Advice interviews from financial planners, architects, builders, landscape designers and Tradie services
  • Industry insider tips
  • Guides & checklists

Download today!

Download Free New Build Bible eBook Today! | ModularWalls


Meet our New Build Bible Experts!

Download Our Free eBook, The New Build Bible! | ModularWalls

Michael Sloan

Managing Director of The Successful Investor

Michael Sloan is the co-founder and Managing Director of The Successful Investor, an independent property investment advisory firm. After 8 years of experience at an award-winning mortgage broker, Michael launched The Successful Investor in 2009. His team specialises in helping everyday Australians invest in property; a company which has now helped clients invest in over one billion dollars’ worth of property. In his interview, Michael delves into the cost comparisons of renovations vs new builds.


Shane Black

Financial Planner & Gen Y Wealth Specialist

Shane Black initially came from a law enforcement background, serving in the NSW Police Force as a Detective. However, his keen interest in investment markets and personal finance led to a pivot in his career towards financial planning.

After a few formative years learning the ropes, Shane started his own financial advice firm – Pearl Financial – whose broad client base slowly evolved until it exclusively focused on Gen Y clients. For the New Build Bible, Shane discusses how new builds could be the perfect opportunity for Gen Y to get a boost into the property market.


Pete Boehm

Finance Expert, Media Commentator and Independent Director

Pete Boehm was the former Finance Editor for onthehouse.com.au, former leading columnist with yahoo!7 Finance and author of ‘The Great Australian Dream: A Guide To Buying Your First Home’, recognised as one of the Top 10 commentators on the Australian Home Loan & Property Market.

He is widely quoted in the Australian press on all matters relating to home ownership, property investment and mortgage finance. Pete also holds a portfolio of directorships in Australia; in fact, Petea Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In his interview, Pete explains each step of how to best budget for you new build!

Download Our Free eBook, The New Build Bible! | ModularWalls

Ascher Smith

Landscape Designer

Ascher Smith is Perth’s leading exterior landscape designer & stylist, specialising in renovations & new builds, with a passion for helping people uncover their outdoor style.

Ascher is known for her unique design consultations and beautiful, contemporary outdoor spaces that genuinely reflect the style and lifestyle of her clients. We were lucky enough to chat with her about how and when to plan the perfect new outdoor area.


The Designory

The Designory is a multi-disciplinary design studio located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Their end to end in-house team offers a seamless transition; from the conceptual beginnings of every project through to the building and interior design, documentation and detailing, approvals processing, project management, and the final layers of decorative elements and styling.

The talented team of designers, draftsmen, decorators and building advisory consultants, specialise in residential, small-scale commercial and hospitality projects. The Designory’s design philosophy is grounded in a strong conviction that great design comes from the inside, out; their belief in the human connection to the built environment is embedded in all levels of their work. For our New Build Bible, they compiled the Ultimate Checklist of how to chronologically tackle your new build’s outdoor area.


Minh Le

Director of Archimetrics Architects

Minh Le is the Director of Archimetrics Architects, a Melbourne-based architectural practice providing a thorough and considered approach to architecture. With 18 years of experience in the construction industry, Minh’s approach to service is that of assistance; helping clients understand what they need for their project.

Guided by principles of integrity, clarity and consistency, Minh instils within his team the drive to leave no stone unturned in achieving their client’s objectives. The company realises that there is great potential in every project, as well as great potential in every idea; through a collaborative process, they piece it all together. They allow the clients to visually assess the project through the 3D BIM model, providing them insight and knowledge to make informed decisions.

In his Expert Advice interview, Minh details how exactly an architect can help you with your new build project.

Download Our Free eBook, The New Build Bible! | ModularWalls

Ben & Aaron Tass

Tass Construction Group

Tass Construction Group are meticulous professionals. They offer a new-age approach to building, shaped by the collaboration of Directors Aaron & Ben Tass, whose background in the construction industry cover a unique & wide spectrum.

The combination of Aaron’s technical engineering & management, with Ben’s carpentry & building experience, complement each other to provide a framework for optimising every aspect of the construction process. Combining on-site diligence & attention to detail, with an organised approach to the construction process, yields a quality result and an equation they know well.

For our New Build BIble, Ben & Aaron gave use expert tips on how to choose the right new home builder for your dream home — including questions to ask in initial interviews, a list of Golden Nuggets and Red Flags to watch out for, and exactly what to expect from the builder-client relationship!


Georgia Budden


Georgia Budden is the Marketing Coordinator for service.com.au, Australia’s leading platform for connecting anyone looking for local trades and service providers. From home cleaning or handyman services, to plumbers, to painters and more; Service.com.au can instantly match you with the best trades, Australia-wide.

With seamless technology to match you to the perfect tradesperson, they are the easiest way to find and hire local trades and service providers. For our New Build Bible, Georgia gives us insider tips on which tradies can help with you new outdoor area — and in what order!


Eva Bowker

Fanstastic Handyman Australia

Eva Bowker is the home improvement coordinator at Fantastic Handyman Australia, which is one part of Fantastic Services – a recognisable and much-loved Aussie brand.

Fantastic Handyman began operations in 2011 to become one of the most reliable home improvement service providers in the country. Their website covers almost everything for the well-being of your property. In our eBook, Eva shares 10 tips on how to save money on a new pool build.

Download Our Free eBook, The New Build Bible! | ModularWalls

Greg Soster

Landscape Construction & Owner of Outside Space

Greg Soster is the Director & Construction Manager at Outside Space, combining over twenty five years of industry experience in landscaping, building and carpentry. Along with his team, his passion for landscape, design, natural creativity and technical background, he pushes landscape construction practices to the limit.

Greg launched Outside Space back in 2005 with the desire to provide and construct exceptional gardens. Over recent years, the team have taken great pride in their work for National Award-winning landscape designers and architects.

For the New Build Bible, Greg offers valuable advice on how to choose the perfect garden for your new home, depending on architectural themes, climate zones and maintenance levels.


Krystal Sagona

Feng Shui Specialist & Director of Interior Flow

With over 10 years’ experience as a passionate designer, award-winning interior architect and founder of Interior Flow, Krystal Sagona is a Feng Shui & Intuitive Design specialist. Being intuitive was something that was innately ingrained in her work; when she realised this wasn’t the ‘norm’ within interior design, Krystal was determined to create spaces to heal the people within them and to empower everyone who used those spaces to thrive.

Studying her master’s degree in Art Therapy provided her with the language and tools to discover what is important to clients; this helped her create a healing environment conducive to work, rest or play. Krystal has built a strong reputation through her wholesome designs that meets clients’ unspoken requirements on a holistic level; she has produced award-winning design solutions and spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the senses.

In her Expert Advice interview, Krystal explains how to harness the power of Feng Shui and how to design your new home to be a space that nurtures, inspires and revives!



Download Our Free New Build eBook! | ModularWalls


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