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  • 11 March 2021

The top interior design trends for 2021 feature vintage, natural elements and even Grandmillennial! No matter which style you like, the trends are all about making the most of your space, incorporating nature and repurposing where you can. All with a touch of colour! 

Home office interior design trends

As many of us experienced working at home during the lockdown, a home office or dedicated workspace has become a must-have feature for many households. Our love of open-plan design in our homes is fantastic for feeling connected and great for keeping an eye on our kids. However, an open plan makes concentrated work a little trickier. 

Not all of us have a whole room we can dedicate to our home office. So, if you’re short on space in your home, look for areas underutilised or not used to their potential. Your new home office could be in the bedroom, hallway, corner nook or under the stairs (or even outdoors). Or perhaps build a new cupboard and close the door to your office at the end of the day. A custom-built cupboard is great if you have kids and need a double workspace, just don’t forget to include powerpoints and lighting. 

Other tips if you’re short on space: 

  • Consider creating a study nook corner or a multi-purpose laundry! Think in-built bench and cupboard for a standing desk. 
  • If you’d prefer sitting at a desk, consider hallway or console tables, which are usually much narrower. (ensure you buy a style you can fit a chair under). 
  • Install vertical storage to keep your paperwork neat and tidy; think floating shelves, rods with hooks or string and pegs to keep notes within easy reach. (go floor to ceiling storage if you can). If built-in storage is too limiting for your space, then free-standing pedestals give extra flexibility.  
Interior Design Trends 2021 - Hidden Home Office

Whether you have a whole room you can dedicate as an office, or if you only have a nook, 2021 is all about making your home office design stand out. Here are a few more home office ideas to transform your workspace into a design feature. 

  • Add a feature wall, whether with a mural, wallpaper, artwork or your child’s school artwork framed and hung on the wall. 
  • Don’t forget to decorate your home office with decor that gives a personal touch and brings you happiness. Whether that’s candles, cushions or throw blankets. Or sporting memorabilia, cars, or paintings.
  • Good lighting is vital for your workspace. While lamps will make your home office look great, be mindful of the type of light you use. Cool light (blue tone) like in commercial offices is said to be better for concentration. In contrast, warm light (yellow tones ) make calmer atmospheres. 
  • Invest in a desk and chair that will suit you, your kids and the designated office space. Don’t forget about ergonomics if you’ll be spending a lot of time working from home. 
  • Lastly, if you have space, include comfy furniture such as an armchair or sofa bed so you can get away from the desk but still work, and it doubles as a guest room or a meeting space. 
Interior Design Trends 2021 - Hidden Home Office

Relaxed styling and multi-purpose rooms 

As we touched on above, getting the most out of your rooms and creating spaces to get away from the central open-plan area is another hot interior design trend this year. Plus, there is an emphasis on more relaxed spaces that are less formal and use comfy furnishings and materials (look out for Bouclé) and textures to create a cosy atmosphere. 

As we mentioned, when looking to create a home office, are your existing rooms or furniture used to their full potential? Could your open plan lounge and dining room have an open bookcase that doubles as a room divider to create a study nook? Could an extendable dining table become your kid’s school desk? Don’t forget about hidden storage; is it worth investing in footstools or coffee tables with storage? 

Interior Design Trends 2021

Sustainable modern design and natural elements 

When spending a lot of time inside, especially if you don’t have a backyard, using natural elements inside your home is an excellent way to feel a connection to nature. Indoor plants are a 2021 interior design trend that we’re happy to adopt. There are many health benefits to indoor plants, such as reduced stress levels, but if you don’t have a green thumb, give faux plants a try.

A natural and sustainable interior design can be achieved with furniture made from recycled wood or rattan. When buying rattan, the key is to ensure it’s from a sustainable source. While rattan is a naturally renewable palm, if it’s stalks are cut prematurely, they cannot regrow

Other organic, renewable and recycled elements to adopt in your interior design could include: 

  • Sisal, jute, cotton, hemp and wool – these are great for rugs. 
  • Timber, cork or bamboo
  • Reclaimed wood furniture, check out pieces by Ingrain, or Mark Tuckey, to name only two.
  • Linen – think cushion covers, bedding or curtains.
  • Cushion inserts made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Lastly, repurpose your current furniture with new upholstery or a fresh coat of paint. Or you can always sand back your old wooden drawers and add a new stain to give new life.

Indoor-outdoor living interior design trends

Many Australia’s enjoy indoor-outdoor living, so it’s no surprise following the lengthy lockdowns that another interior design trend is adopting a more biophilic design within the home. The Living Future Institute Australia describes Biophilic Design as ‘the practice of connecting people and nature within our built environments and communities.’

As we touched on in our blog, ‘Outdoor Living Zones,‘ many of us are spending more time at home and want to create a seamless connection from inside to out. Using bi-fold glass doors or cornerless sliding doors gives the flexibility of extending your living or entertaining space. The added benefit of glass doors is they allow an abundance of natural light into your home, along with the added security to lock up when you head out. Outdoor spaces are becoming extensions of our internal living spaces and have the décor and lighting to match, including outdoor lounges, hanging chairs, dining tables and fireplaces. By adding plants, natural stone and wood, you will undoubtedly enjoy a sense of connection with the outdoors. 

Interior design styles


Tying in with repurposed furniture is a vintage look with a modern twist to ensure your place has an edge and doesn’t look outdated. By using vintage and contemporary pieces, you’ll give your place warmth and add character.

Interior Design Trend 2021- Modern Vintage

Modern industrial 

As above, the theme of an existing interior style with a modern twist continues with; industrial interior design mixed with contemporary pieces. To achieve this style, look to incorporate recycled woods, brick, concrete and metal. Plus, you can go bold with darker paint colours.

Interior Design Trends 2021

Chic Cottagecore or Grandmillennial

Just like our recent blog on Cottagecore, it’s here to stay but with a little more chic than Granny. Grandmillennial takes on the same attributes as Cottagecore, florals, lace, and wallpaper to give a whimsical, nostalgic feel but with modern touches to emphasise the chic!  

Interior Design Trends 2021

Colour Palette interior design trends

Light coloured wood

Expect to see light wood used everywhere. It not only provides a sustainable, natural element to your home but gives texture. Light woods also brighten up darker spaces with the bonus of complementing many colour palettes.

Paint colour palettes

There are a few different colour palettes on trend this year; undoubtedly, there will be something for everyone. 

Pantone colour of the year is a combination of grey and yellow! So, greys are in, and so too are warm earthy colours and textures. Earthy colours give a sense of connection to the outside and provide a calming atmosphere. However, if you’re after something a litter bolder and more vibrant, navy, greens and aqua, ocean-inspired colours will also be on-trend. Look out for green kitchens!

The Designory - Barefoot Bay Villa - Green Kitchen

Overall, whichever interior design trend appeals to you, the overarching theme is combining colour, comfort and nature to bring you joy and happiness. Sounds great to us.

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