10 female DIY bloggers to inspire your International Women’s Day

  • 4 minutes
  • 8 March 2018

Handy and hardy. Creative and capable. Passionate and pro-active. Female DIY bloggers have slowly taken over the world of home improvement, empowering waves of women to pick up the tools and take matters into their own hands.

Forget Pinterest tutorials of mason jar crafts or hot glue gun fruit bowls; these chicks are building backyard sheds, repaving courtyards and knocking up pergolas!

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of DIY bloggers that truly inspire us.

1. Pretty Handy Girl

If you’ve got a DIY project on the brain, chances are you’ll find a guide for it here. From tool tutorials, to plumbing and electrical fixes, to building customised pantries, this blog seems to have every project under the sun covered! Her bio says it all:

“Hi, I’m Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl. I like the smell of coffee and sawdust in the morning. I live to break stereotypes and empower you to take on your own DIY project.”

2. DIY Show Off

This blog was created and curated by Roeshel (AKA Shelly by her family, Mim by her daughters and Mittens by her Mr DIY), who holds space for a community of DIYers to share and ‘show off’ their passions, projects, journeys and accomplishments. For inspiration, brain-storming and problem-solving support, check out DIY Show Off.

3. Style Curator

Style Curator is a blog following the journeys of home renovation gurus on their pursuit to a stylish home. Follow her home and backyard transformation journey – and pick up some awesome design and styling tips along the way!

4. Vintage Revivals

Believing that your house should look like you and no one else, Mandi urges all her readers to listen to that ‘inner design fairy’ and fearlessly follow their design dreams. Leading by example, Vintage Revivals highlights her own lessons, trials, triumphs and ‘fails’ of her DIY adventures.

5. The Plumbette

Bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor showers; if you’re a little pipe-curious, this Brisbane-based blogger tackles all things plumbing. From trends and design tips, to industry secrets, to detailed DIY guides, to honest pieces on what it’s like to make waves in a male-dominated industry; the Plumbette is a DIY blogger that offers the whole package.

10 female DIY bloggers to inspire your International Women’s Day | Saw Dust Girl

6. Sawdust Girl

Sawdust Girl is filled with tutorials, tool reviews, personal home project updates, remodelling how-to guides, woodworking plans and funky t-shirt designs with the motto, ‘Build like a GIRL’ emblazoned across them. What’s not to love?

8. Laura Kampf

Laura is a German artist/designer/maker, and rapidly rising Instagram and YouTube sensation. Her creations and transformations are not only inspiring, but downright mesmerising to watch. Go on, have a peek!

7. Sawdust 2 Stitches

For those of us who “can’t leave ’well enough’ alone”, Corey believes that the best therapy involves power tools. Sawdust 2 Stitches features tutorials, makeovers, build plans and home tours showcasing her stunning renovation work – basically, everything you need to inspire yourself to look around, crack open the toolbox and start building that dream home for yourself!

9. Katrina Chambers

Following her public debut on Channel Nine’s hit TV series, The Block, in 2011, Katrina Chambers has become a significant figure in the DIY blogosphere. Everything from home renovations, to styling tips, to floor plans, this blog space is not to be missed for those with home improvement on the brain.

10. Little Red Industries

Natasha Dickins spent her childhood in her dad’s workshop, hammering bits of scrap wood into new creations. Adult Natasha now has a workshop of her own, and after a career as a lifestyle magazine editor, journalist and TV presenter, she’s committed to inspiring others to nurture their love of woodwork and DIY projects through workshops, how-to content and blogging her own home renovation journey.

Whether it’s a full-on renovation, painting a room, restoring furniture or doing repairs around the house, you’ll definitely learn a thing or two from Little Red Industries.