Courtyard dinner party ideas that beat the chill

Courtyard Dinner Party Ideas that Beat the Chill | ModularWalls

Winter is done and dusted and you’re looking forward to entertaining in your beautiful outdoor courtyard area again. The days are gloriously sunny, but the nights still bring a chill factor that can leaves guests a-shiver. Here are some fun, warming ideas for a courtyard dinner party during the chilly nights of the shoulder months.



Light it up!

Nothing speaks Australian nights like a toasty bonfire! Why not keep your family and friends smiling warmly with a bit of safe flame and some toasted marshmallows? Bonfire’s are surprisingly easy to build yourself and maintain all night long. Check out this awesome tutorial on how to make your own pit fire, or, get creative and build something a little more fancy, like this lacquered steel bonfire basket!

Courtyard Dinner Party Ideas that Beat the Chill | ModularWalls

Hot soup for a cool night

Hearty stews and steaming hot soups are best enjoyed as winter comfort food.

Get creative and try some exotic recipes from around the world, like Greek avgolemono, Malaysian laksa noodle soup, Italian minestrone, a French bouillabaisse or Hungarian goulash.

Serve in delicious bread bowls, like clam chowder, or in special soup mugs to heat everyone’s frost-tipped fingers!

Courtyard Dinner Party Ideas that Beat the Chill | ModularWalls

Keep calm and have a cup of tea

This one ain’t just for children’s play dates! Having some pots of tea with scones, biscuits or cakes can be incredibly satisfying on a brisk Sunday evening. Mix it up with a spread of lemon, sugar cubes, honey and milk, green, herbal and black teas.

Add a special twist to your courtyard dinner party with handcrafted specialty teas. Check out these beautiful goldfish teabags, blooming herbal teas, bubble teas or stunning loose-leaf teas served in novelty infusers.


Spice up your life

For those who like a bit of a kick, curries certainly bring some warmth to the party.

Shared dishes such as butter chicken, tikka masala and beef vindaloo would not only combat the cool air, but welcome it!

For a lighter option, Thai dishes offer fresh but spicy dishes, such as massaman curry, tom yum soup or a chilli-sprinkled stir-fry.

Courtyard Dinner Party Ideas that Beat the Chill | ModularWalls


Wet the whistle

For a courtyard dinner party on a cool night, consider warming drinks that don’t require chilling.

Red wine has long been a winter staple drink and beautifully paired with hearty soups. A light nip of cognac, scotch whiskey or port can also add a delicious, elegant warmth to the night.

Mulled recipes for mead, cider or wine bring magical, robust notes of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, and the warm temperature gives you something cosy to sip on.

For something a bit milder, add a splash of Bailey’s into your hot chocolate or make a delicious alcoholic coffee with butterscotch and coffee liqueurs.

Written by Evelyn Kandris


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