How to receive an accurate retaining wall quote

  • 5 minutes
  • 24 June 2021

If you’re ready to begin your retaining wall project but aren’t sure you’ll receive an accurate retaining wall quote, look no further. We’ve taken the guesswork out by listing the information your fence contractor needs, including why you need a retaining wall, to the style you’re hoping to achieve. Plus, we cover the questions to ask a fence contractor during a site inspection, so your retaining wall quote covers all the bases.

The essential information to provide a fence contractor to receive an accurate retaining wall quote 

Why do you need a retaining wall?
Is it to create a terraced garden or level a sloping block? This gives the installer an idea of what kind of retaining wall system will be needed.

Are you looking for a standalone or integrated retaining wall?
An integrated fence and retaining wall can be a very cost-effective solution. Plus, it gives a seamless finish giving a better aesthetic than combining different styles of fencing. (This QLD home is a great example of an integrated retaining wall and fence)


The length and height of the required retaining wall?
Measurements help determine the amount of material required for your garden retaining wall quote. Plus, additional materials such as required drainage products, waterproof sealer and paint. (NB: all ModularWalls require painting)

What load will the retaining wall hold?
Along with the required retaining height, providing how much soil will be behind the retaining wall helps determine which retaining wall product to use. For example, is the retaining wall to hold up a small garden bed or to stop your house from sliding down the slope. Providing this information will help determine if a standard residential system will suffice or a commercial strength retaining wall system is required. 

The background information

What type of soil do you have – clay, organic or sandy?
Your soil type will determine the type of panel for a retaining wall and the depth of footings.

Is the ground steep, sloped or relatively level?
Providing this information helps determine if excavators will be needed and therefore alters the quoted price considerably.

Will the retaining wall be near a pool or another splash zone?
It’s preferable to use Hot Dip Galvanised or aluminium fence posts for pools or coastal areas. 

Is there an existing retaining wall, or are you starting from scratch?
This indicates if the existing fence needs removing and additional labour needs factoring into the retaining wall quote.

Similarly, are there existing footings?
This gives the fence contractors an estimate on how labour intensive building the retaining wall will be, as you will require new footings.

Your retaining wall vision

EstateWall HarringtonPark

What aesthetic are you hoping to achieve?
Modern or more traditional? This information will help determine the specific materials and quantities to order and calculate labour costs.

Will your retaining wall require customisations such as integrated lighting, tiling, stone cladding, or render?
Suppose you’d like to customise your retaining wall. In that case, this may require additional tradespeople such as electricians for integrated lighting and will incur additional costs. Customisations such as tiling or stone cladding mean other material needs to be ordered, increasing your overall retaining wall cost.

The top questions to ask a fence contractor to receive an accurate quote 

VogueWall SpeersPoint NSW

Image: Diakrit

A fence installer will need to conduct a site visit to ensure no unexpected factors affect the final quote. A site inspection is a great time to ask further questions and ensure no misinterpretations regarding the retaining wall, labour, and equipment.

We recommend asking the fence contractor the following questions for an accurate retaining wall quote:

  • Which ModularWalls product is best suited for my retaining requirements?
  • Will your quote include waterproofing, backfilling and drainage?

ModularWalls ticks all your retaining wall needs

VogueWall retaining wall - speak to our team for an accurate retaining wall quote

Australian designed and manufactured, ModularWalls’ versatile modular fence and retaining panels ensure all your fencing needs are met. Whether you’re looking for a standalone retaining wall or a seamless integration of your retaining wall and acoustic boundary fence, we’ve got you covered. For example, TrendWall, offers heights up to three metres, is great for pool fences and can integrate with our TerraFirm75 panels. Plus, TrendWall has the added benefit of acting as an acoustic barrier reducing noise between yards by up to 25dB. Lastly, it offers a high-end modern finish that looks great painted, or you can customise to suit your home’s style.

Above all, when obtaining a retaining wall quote, provide as much information and detail as possible to your fence contractor. Secondly, ask questions and do your research if you’re not sure of something. Lastly, provide examples of retaining walls and fences you’re trying to emulate. As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. With two-way communication, you and your fence installer will have a clear vision and an accurate retaining wall quote to kick start your project.

Thanks to Prestige Fencing for their insights on receiving an accurate retaining wall quote.