Residential Commercial Installation

Where are the walls available?

Nationwide. We manufacture and supply all products from our Kurnell-based factory in Sydney. We dispatch daily to all parts of Australia.

How do I get a quote?

For a supply-only DIY quotation please contact us directly and we will provide you with an itemised quotation, including delivery.

Alternatively, if you would like a free measure and quote at your property, simply let us know so that we can assign a trade partner to you. We have a National Trade network of trained installers eager to help you out!

Where are the walls made?

We are a proud Australian manufacturer that designs, manufactures and engineers our products locally for Australian conditions under strict ISO9001 quality control measures.

In fact let’s not beat around the bush, we invented the category in 2003 when Nick Holden appeared on the ABC’s New Inventors program. Watch video here.

What is a Modular Wall made of?

Although we have many different thicknesses of wall panels and post types, they all share a common family of raw material types.

Our AcoustiMax wall panels have fibre cement outer skins laminated to a lightweight EPS core.

Our proprietary post systems are manufactured from galvanised, high tensile steel that is further protected by pre-applied primers. The coil is then roll-formed by us inhouse to form the final item.

Do I need council approval?

Every council is different and you should consult your local one. As the walls do not use strip footings, generally you will only need to comply with their relevant height regulations, which can usually be found on their respective websites. If your local council has any questions we would be happy to assist.

For NSW residents, you can check the Electronic Housing Code website here.

Do the walls provide noise reduction?

Yes. All walls will provide excellent results in reducing all sources of noise. Noise reduction is very dependent on noise type, height and terrain, but with our walls you can typically expect a fourfold audible reduction from most noise sources in a domestic application (*National Acoustic Laboratory tested).

How strong are the walls?

The composite construction of our AcoustiMax wall panel has great impact resistance yet weighs less than 30 kilos. Daily knocks and bumps will not affect the wall whatsoever. Any severe impacts that may bruise the wall (such as a tow ball) can be easily repaired with an exterior grade filler. The walls and varying post systems have been engineered to cope with up to wind region C wind speeds (Australia´s harshest wind region).

Can features be hung off or attached to the walls?

Yes, you can attach most things that would normally be attached to a masonry wall such as exterior art, ornaments or creeping vines etc. Please contact us for exact fixing recommendations.

Can I apply stack stone or tiles to the wall panels?

Yes. The fibre cement finish of the AcoustiMax wall panel allows stack stone or tiles to be attached in the same way you would in a bathroom application using an acrylic tile adhesive. We recommend no more than around 50kgs/sqm of stone weight is applied.

Can the walls accommodate a letterbox?

Yes. Our VogueWall and EstateWall post and panels can accept our own Stainless Steel letterbox. Alternatively any letterbox that was designed to suit a standard single brick wall will suit.

For all other wall styles, a letterbox can be recessed into the wall panel, but not the post.

You can learn how to incorporate a letterbox into your panel or post by reading our Letterbox Guide; it is super easy!

Can lighting be integrated with the walls?

Yes. All our wall panels contain internal recesses that allow concealed wiring to be installed during installation. The wiring is normally concealed under the panel capping then looped through the middle of the posts. Lights are bridged off this wiring and can be mounted on either post or panel. Typically we see 12V LED systems used as it is safe and reliable, but you can explore many other lighting varieties.

What is the price difference between a Modular Wall and a rendered brick wall?

That depends on where you live in Australia as prices for brick or block walls vary greatly. Generally, when you consider all the elements required for a brick wall, including strip foundations and reinforcements, a Modular Wall is at least half the cost.

What warranty do the walls have?

If installed by a recommended installer or in accordance with our fitting instructions, the wall and all associated components are covered against product failure for 15 years.

Can the commercial walls be installed by our own builders?

Yes. We offer a comprehensive installation guide and 7 day technical support. We can also offer an experienced member of our team to attend the start of the installation to assist in kicking off the job and get installation on the right path.

Does the soil type, terrain category and wind region effect the installation specifications?

We can supply pre-engineered solutions for our products that state typical installation details depending on your region.

We will supply site-specific installation specifications for most commercial projects, which will state exact footing dimensions required based upon the wind region, soil type and terrain category. Most jobs are possible, so we enjoy the challenge of any ‘out-of the-ordinary’ or difficult installation requirements.

Can the walls be installed in remote areas?

We have agents in most areas of Australia and our commercial team will travel anywhere! We have installed long and tall walls in remote areas from country NSW to mining camps in Karratha, W.A.

What is the maximum wall height?

We have no real maximum as anything can be engineered within reason. Recently we built a series of enclosure walls in remote QLD up to 12m tall.

Most jobs under 6m in height are considered standard. Anything over this, we custom-engineer to suit the site requirements.

Who can install my wall?

Anybody can install Modular Walls. You can either do it yourself  or engage one of our qualified trade partners to do it for you (supply & install).

Does the wall have to be painted?

Your Modular Wall must be painted within 90 days of installation in order to secure your warranty.

What finishes can I have? And do the panels come pre-finished?

Our panels and posts come in a ‘raw’ primed state ready to accept an exterior grade finish. The walls can be painted, rendered, or even texture-painted to achieve a Tuscan style finish. Extensive research and testing in conjunction with Dulux Australia has also been carried out.

Is it easy to do myself?

Super easy! If you can assemble an IKEA kit and dig a hole you can build a Modular Wall! We offer 7 day phone support so you will never be on your own if you have a question.

Do ModularWalls have professional installers?

We have a National network of trained installers that can come to your site and provide a free onsite quotation.

Working with a local installer often helps, as they are knowledgeable on the local requirements and regulations as well as the product itself.

How do I contact a ModularWalls Trade Partner?

Enquire here and we will team you up with a Trade Partner who services your area, who will contact you within 48 hours.

We then monitor their communication with you to ensure contact and service is running smoothly.