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Design and Engineering

ModularWalls engineering designers will assist contractors in completing a project on time and on budget, using the latest and most up to date computer programs to design and model your complete wall and footing solution. Using leading edge structural analysis engineering software, we design and construct the most robust structures from the ground up to ensure your project is completed as cost effectively as possible.





ModularWalls have an in-house team who oversee the whole installation project. Because our team is in-house, we guarantee a seamless transition from design approval through to product manufacture and final installation.

The ModularWalls team have managed design and installations for some of Australia’s largest companies, in regions as harsh and remote as Karratha, WA (Wind region D). We have an experienced team of accredited and licensed commercial installers with a proud record of zero site hours lost through injury. With extensive Tier 1 and mining site experience we offer a complete and seamless service from concept through to delivery.



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  • Boundary walls and fences

    Mitigate the excessive surrounding noise for local residents with an affordable noise abatement solution.

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  • Retaining walls

    Integrate both your wall and retaining solution in one seamless design with our TerraFirm composite fibre cement retaining panels.

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  • Noise barriers and acoustic fences

    Deliver high level and lasting performance with our ultra high impact resistant, vandal resistant and durable walls.

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  • Sound absorbing walls

    Kill the noise with superior design and aesthetically pleasing acoustic walls that can be mounted anywhere - even on a roof.

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