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Our wall and fencing systems are a perfect choice for Canberra residents as they are specifically made to withstand Australia’s harsh climate. With some products rated for up to Wind Region C, and the option to have aluminium posts for rust-resistance, A Modular Wall could be the solution for anyone in Canberra looking to achieve a resilient yet aesthetically pleasing fence.

For only half the cost and a fraction of the install time, our walls offer a designer appearance that mirror the look of rendered brick. They can easily be installed DIY, or by one of our professional Trade Partners servicing your area, who will deal with the entire process from quoting, to ordering, to installation.  To complete your wall in personal style, we even offer a whole range of finishing options, such as integrated retaining panels or lighting, letterboxes, slats and infills.

Australia’s urban sprawl is constantly forcing residential areas to grow towards main roads and commercial/industrial zones. This has generated a considerable rise in the need for domestic acoustic reduction. Delivering an average 20dB – 25dB noise reduction, ModularWalls’ fencing and wall systems help reduce traffic and neighbourhood noise, whilst also ensuring privacy and security for any home.



From Calwell to Amarro, our products can be supplied to you as a DIY kit or be installed by one of our professional Trade Partners. Our Head Office is open 8.00am to 4.30pm (Sydney time), where our friendly team are always happy to help you determine what is best for your specific project and provide advise on materials, wall designs, and DIY installation support. Call us on 1300 556 957 or enquire online today!

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Canberra Commercial Noise Walls and Fences | ModularWalls


Our walls are specifically designed to endure the harsh Australian climate, so they are perfect for Canberra based projects. With certain wall styles rated for up to Wind Region C, and aluminium posts for better rust-resistance, Canberra has been geographically considered into the core of what we produce.

From impact resistant road noise barriers, to wall and fencing solutions for community developments, to revolutionary sound absorbing panels, our products meet and exceed today’s noise attenuation demands. Our commercial grade retaining panels seamlessly integrate into our boundary wall or noise barrier systems, providing the ultimate retaining solution for sloping ground. You can even finish with designer features such as lighting, letterboxes, slats, infills and more, making our products an easy, customisable choice for your next commercial boundary or noise wall project.

When compared with regular concrete, our walls not only offer superior aesthetics but also deliver up to 80% reduction in embodied and emitted carbon project-wide, to support present carbon efficient construction processes. Their modular configuration guarantees quick and easy installation, whilst the lightweight materials overcome any site specific challenges, like easements across public services or restricted access sites.

We are here to support your project from beginning to end; from initial design drawings, right through to final installation. We always make sure to provide a tailored, turnkey service. Our Australian Made products are manufactured at our Head Office in Kurnell, NSW, so we have full control over the entire supply chain and can get your materials to you quickly.



From Calwell to Amarro, we are the trusted market leader of acoustic barriers, sound absorbing walls, boundary walls and fencing solutions. Our ACT consultant, Brendan Way, is available 8.00am to 4.30pm (Sydney time) to help you with your specific project needs. Give us a call on 1300 556 957 or enquire online to chat with him today!

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