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    Kill the noise with superior design and aesthetically pleasing acoustic panels that can be mounted anywhere — even on a roof.

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Superior noise absorption technology


Modular and lightweight for easy installation


Suitable for indoor & outdoor applications

Sound absorbing panels are designed to enclose and screen the noise source and either reflect or absorb the noise source away from the receiver. The proper design of an acoustic enclosure will account for all facets of the type of noise being generated: What is the amount of reduction required? Is the noise being reflected or absorbed? Is the noise source high or low frequency? Does the equipment require ventilation?

Our panels have specifically been designed to help commercial customers reduce unwanted noise generated by rooftop air conditioning systems and noisy generators. Our AcoustiSorb panels displays sound absorbing properties, keeping the sound within a tight perimeter around the source. Additionally, our noise attenuation solutions are aesthetically pleasing and of superior design, with a waterproof membrane primarily used for rooftops or encasing generators.




    • 50+ years of design life
    • Perforated outer skin
    • SPET sound absorbing core
    • Lightweight and impact resistant
    • Suitable for external noise attenuation applications

Sound Absorbing Panels Projects

  • AcoustiSorb® chosen for Opera House & Harbour Bridge

    ModularWalls' revolutionary sound absorption wall panels were chosen for noise attenuation projects within two of the most iconic landmarks in Sydney...simultaneously.

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  • Dyno room, Mascot, NSW

    As a result of the AcoustiSorb® installation, the noise outside the Dyno room has been reduced by 35 dBA. Plus, the sound absorption within the Dyno Room now allows occupants to carry on a conversation.

    View Project
  • Goodman Fielder Bakery Outlet, VIC

    The client needed to act quickly to resolve the mass of neighbour complaints surrounding the high level of noise coming from their company factory.

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  • Coles supermarket, Ashmore, QLD

    The Gold Coast region that has become the latest target for infrastructure upgrades ahead of the Commonwealth Games now boasts a highly sought after neighbourhood shopping development spear headed by the Coles Property Group.

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  • Woolworths rooftop, Belrose, NSW

    The demolition and part-closure of a shopping centre prompted Woolworths supermarket in Belrose to relocate their rooftop air conditioning units to stay operational.

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  • Noise abatement for Smithfield RSL

    Smithfield RSL were undergoing an extension of their gaming lounge and turned to ModularWalls for a noise abatement solution to shield neighbours and alleviate their noise concerns.

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