Sound Absorbing Walls

What type of wall for you?

  • VogueWall™

    • Absorption panels
    • Suits light commercial projects
    • High residential aesthetic
    • Up to 3000mm high
    • 75mm thick
    • Retain up to 750mm
  • GuardianWall™

    • Absorption panels
    • Custom design posts
    • Panel thickness customisations
    • Up to 9000mm high
    • 75mm thick
    • retain up to 750mm

Dyno Room, Mascot, NSW

Modular Wall Systems™ were commissioned to build a custom-designed Dyno Room for owner, Gary. The design and performance features of the room had to work seamlessly with a variety of dynamometers and applications to ensure the noise on the outside of the room was reduced by a minimum 35 decibel (dBA).

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Entreprise Data, Baulkham Hills, NSW

Having successfully installed an AcoustiSorb™ wall for a previous project, Enterprise Data turned to Modular Wall Systems once more. The challenges that needed to be resolved were threefold.

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Woolworths Roof Top, Belrose, NSW

The demolition and part closure of a shopping centre prompted Woolworths supermarket in Belrose to relocate their roof top air conditioning units to stay operational. The new location of the air conditioning units was in close proximity of built-up units escalating complaints from its residents.

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