• Sound Absorbing Walls

    Kill the noise with superior design and aesthetically pleasing acoustic walls that can be mounted anywhere -- even on a roof.

Sound absorbing walls are designed to enclose and screen the noise source and either reflect or absorb the noise source away from the receiver. The proper design of an acoustic enclosure will account for all facets of the type of noise being generated: What is the amount of reduction required? Is the noise being reflected or absorbed? Is the noise source high or low frequency? Does the equipment require ventilation?

Our walls have specifically been designed to help commercial customers reduce unwanted noise generated by rooftop air conditioning systems and noisy generators. Our AcoustiSorb panels displays sound absorbing properties, keeping the sound within a tight perimeter around the source. Additionally, our noise attenuation solutions are aesthetically pleasing and of superior design, with a waterproof membrane primarily used for rooftops or encasing generators.




    • 50+ years of design life
    • Perforated outer skin
    • SPET sound absorbing core
    • Lightweight and impact resistant
    • Suitable for external noise attenuation applications

Sound Absorbing Walls Projects

  • Dyno room, Mascot, NSW

    The design and performance features of the Dyno room had to work seamlessly to ensure the noise on the outside of the room was reduced by a minimum 35 decibel (dBA).

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  • Entreprise Data, Baulkham Hills, NSW

    Having successfully installed an AcoustiSorb wall for a previous project, Enterprise Data turned to ModularWalls once more. The challenges that needed to be resolved were threefold.

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  • Woolworths rooftop, Belrose, NSW

    The demolition and part-closure of a shopping centre prompted Woolworths supermarket in Belrose to relocate their rooftop air conditioning units to stay operational.

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