ModularWalls is the pioneer of the modular wall technology, with an impeccable track record for delivering commercial projects across Australia for a variety of clients.

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Inventor of the Modular Wall and trusted market leader


30 years experience and over 16,000 completed projects


Designed and manufactured in Australia

Work with the inventor and market-leading manufacturers of post and panel modular wall and fence solutions for your development or commercial project. With over 16,000 projects completed and over 30 years of composite panel engineering and manufacturing experience, ModularWalls are committed to seeking only the best outcomes for your project. Our product range can deliver the perfect solution for any type of challenge or project.



Boundary walls and fences

Mitigate the excessive surrounding noise for local residents with an affordable noise abatement solution.

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Retaining walls

Integrate both your wall and retaining solution in one seamless design with our TerraFirm composite fibre cement retaining panels.

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Noise walls and acoustic fences

Deliver high level and lasting performance with our ultra high impact resistant, vandal resistant and durable walls.

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Sound absorbing walls

Kill the noise with superior design and aesthetically pleasing acoustic walls that can be mounted anywhere - even on a roof.

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