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Acoustic solution for rooftop air conditioning system Woolworths

10 December 2015

2 Mins


The demolition and part-closure of a shopping centre prompted a Woolworths supermarket in Belrose to relocate their rooftop air conditioning units to stay operational. The new location of the air conditioning units was in close proximity of built-up units, which lead to complaints from residents. The solution of a noise attenuation barrier had to be aesthetically pleasing for the supermarket located in the busy Stockland Shopping Centre encircled by suburban housing and infrastructure. One of the focal challenges was that there was no real place for ModularWalls to mount the vertical wall member too.

Our engineering team went to work and a solution was designed so that the wall could be fixed to a track, which aligned to a girt underneath the metal roof skin. The panels then stood vertically in the track by using tie rods tensioned down to the base track. Diagonal cables were then mounted to the top lineal and fixed off to an appropriate anchor point on the roof with custom-made brackets. The premium performing AcoustiSorb75 panels that are only available from ModularWalls were easily situated and installed on the rooftop premise. A sound level measurement was tested at this location before and after the installation of the AcoustiSorb wall. No discernible difference was measured meaning that the AcoustiSorb75 was absorbing the sound as required with no reflective transmission back towards the measuring device. The pre-finished panels meant there was no requirement for painting following installation, and the surf mist colour gave an aesthetically pleasing solution. As the leading manufacturers of cost-effective acoustic and boundary walls, ModularWalls have designed wall systems that offers a solution for every challenge.