AcoustiSorb used for Woolworths Rooftop Enclosures

28 July 2017


Many supermarkets look to locate their HVAC units on the rooftop to conserve space. However, they often lead to complaints from residents. The solution of a noise attenuation barrier had to be aesthetically pleasing, due to the supermarkets’ locations in busy shopping centres encircled by suburban housing and infrastructure.

ModularWalls designed a solution that enabled an aesthetically pleasing and noise absorbing solution for multiple Woolworths rooftop HVAC systems. Our high performing AcoustiSorb75 panels were easily situated and installed on the rooftop. The pre-finished panels meant there was no painting required following installation, and the surf mist colour achieved the design intentions. As the leading manufacturers of cost-effective acoustic and boundary walls, ModularWalls have designed wall systems that offer a solution for every challenge.