Meet the Winner of the ModularWalls Photo Competition

25 August 2017


Stephen Liseo, from Castle Hill, NSW, was the winner of our Photo Competition, showcasing his stunningly finished pool wall, which utilised the VogueWall system. We were lucky enough to get some insight into his experience using ModularWalls.


Q. What were the main priorities when choosing your wall?

The pool area that our Modular Wall encloses is the focal point of our small yard, so first and foremost in our selection criteria was aesthetics. We also wanted something that would provide privacy from neighbours.

Cost was also a factor, but I didn’t want to compromise on the look of the area. Obviously, durability was an issue too – I wanted something that was low-maintenance.

Initial contractors all listed the proximity of the proposed wall to our pool as a problem for access by excavators, to dig the necessary footings for a rendered brick wall. This meant that they’d either risk damage to the pool or need to be dug by hand, significantly adding to the cost and time of the project.

The modular wall construction had no such issues and helped make the choice an easy one.


Q. Did you have any doubts or reservations about VogueWall when you were deciding?

Initially I was sceptical that a product significantly cheaper would a) look as good and b) be as strong.

My reservations about looks were quickly allayed once I saw a few example projects. Also, as I started to look at ideas for my wall, I started to notice that a lot of brick and rendered walls tend to develop cracks over time, as they move and settle. I didn’t notice any such issues with the Modular Walls I looked at.


Q. Why did you choose VogueWall in the end?

The final choice of VogueWall was quite obvious, once we saw the advantages that it had over our original idea of a brick rendered wall.

The cost difference was actually quite dramatic over the brick alternative. The ease and speed of installation, and to not need excavation equipment to dig the footings, which was required for brick, was also a compelling factor.


Q. How did you find installation?

The wall is about 2.2 meters high and about 15 meters long, and was installed in 2 days by a local Trade Partner recommended by ModularWalls.

Because we required access to the pool area for additional tradesmen (e.g. paving and the glass pool fence), I asked the contractor to leave one of the panels out of the wall until all other work had been completed. Once completed, I was able to place the final panel in myself with the help of a friend to help lift it into place.

The process is very simple. To be honest, if I had to do a similar project in future, I would do the entire wall myself and make it even more cost- effective.


Q. Tell us a bit more about your beautiful finish!

Four of the panels have stack stone features which I did myself and were simply glued on using an outdoor tile adhesive, which took about 5 hours – but most of that was measuring and calculating where to place them. They were purchased from our local Amber Tile and Paver Centre and we purchased the outdoor tile adhesive at a local hardware store.

The wall is painted in exterior paints to match an adjacent, covered al fresco dining area. The panels are painted in is ‘Colourbond Paperbark’ and we decided to paint the posts a darker ‘Ironstone’ colour to create some contrast.


Q. How did you find the ModularWalls experience?

The experience was excellent! When I called the ModularWalls team to ask for advice on finishing options, I was put through to a technical advisor who gave me a number of options and approaches.

The process from start to finish was seamless. The hardest part was deciding on the style and height to choose from the myriad of options and combinations available!

Jo and I love the final result and the overall project has really become a focal point for our outdoor entertaining.