A work of art for Warwick Farm Racecourse perimeter wall

30 October 2018

As part of a $25M upgrade project, Warwick Farm Racecourse required a perimeter wall with an aesthetic elegance that honoured the heritage, history and tradition of the area. Additionally, the solution needed acoustic properties to shield the horses from the traffic noise caused by Governor Macquarie Drive.


A Work of Art for Warwick Farm Racecourse Security Wall | ModularWalls A Work of Art for Warwick Farm Racecourse Security Wall | ModularWalls


The aesthetically grand yet versatile EstateWall provided the perfect canvas for this acoustically rated boundary wall. From concept designs, to sample panels, to final installation, ModularWalls worked closely with the main client, William Inglis & Son Ltd, to refine and perfect the final solution.

Custom post caps and framed panels worked in harmony to create a visually striking yet graceful wall design. CNC cut signage and equestrian silhouettes were meticulously applied by hand along the wall, embracing the excitement and vitality of the events within.

The final solution perfectly harmonised with the existing side boundary, showcasing classical features of cast iron fencing and large pillars.


“We’re manufacturers — and we’re inventors — so we use this ability to support every one of our clients and their unique projects; ‘importers of products’ simply can’t do this.”
           – Nick Holden, Founder & CEO of ModularWalls