VogueWall™ offers stress-free, Australian Made sound barrier wall for serene Australian landscape

22 January 2018


“In harmony with its natural environment, Caddens Hill is surrounded by vast open spaces and…recreational attractions to keep your family active and entertained out in the fresh air.”

– Caddens Hill Website


This picturesque master-planned community in NSW was in need of a boundary wall system that:

  1. Protected its serene environment and residents from traffic noise
  2. Harmonised with the picturesque Australian landscape surrounds
  3. Provided an easy, speedy installation that their contractors could handle
  4. Delivered both superior aesthetics and retaining functions

The VogueWall™ system with integrated retaining panels was a stand-out solution for their multi-layered design brief. With AcoustiMax™ acoustic panels delivering superior sound attenuation, and TerraFirm™ retaining panels seamlessly integrated into the lower section of the noise wall, this dual-purpose system minimised the cost, time and hassle of needing to install two separate products.

The modular construction methodology offered a swift, straightforward installation that was easily managed by their construction team. The completed noise wall was finished to harmonise with the soft tones of the natural, undulating Australian landscape that surrounded the community development.


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