SlimWall™ keeps traffic noise at a minimum for childcare centre on busy road

28 April 2017


A new childcare centre being built near a busy road in Sydney NSW required an acoustic fence as specified by Council as part of the DA application. The Council’s purpose was to keep the noise of the kids in but in reality, and due to the Childcare centre’s close proximity to a busy road, it also reduced traffic noise for the centre.

ModularWalls installed a SlimWall acoustic fence to the perimeter of the centres new playground at a height of 2.1m. To maintain access and aesthetic continuity a ModularWalls composite gate was also installed at one end.

Our Modular gates provide the same look and feel as well as acoustic protection to any wall style and can accept varying lock and latch requirements. The final wall was painted by the centre themselves in bright and vibrant colours to enhance the look and feel for the kids. One section was also painted with a Dulux Blackboard paint which meant the kids could scribble away on a full-size blackboard!

With lightweight composite panels and posts, SlimWall has a sleek and modern design with acoustic benefits that easily and effectively reduced noise for this client.