AcoustiMax modular wall utilised in sound barrier for new industrial estate

20 October 2017


For their new sound barrier, a brand new industrial estate in Eastern Creek chose the AcoustiMax modular wall, boasting superior sound attenuation panels, by ModularWalls.

The industrial estate development in Eastern Creek, NSW, required an acoustic barrier to protect nearby residents from the future noise generated by the estate. The client required a durable solution that offered maximum acoustic capabilities, an aesthetically-pleasing finish and compatibility with a pre-existing retaining wall.

The GuardianWall system from ModularWalls fit the client’s design brief perfectly. AcoustiMax 75mm panels, universal beams and proprietary UB infills were utilised to create the noise barrier reaching 5m high and spanning almost 800m in length. The wall was installed behind the keystone block gravity retaining wall, using void forming pier liners into which the universal beam posts were installed and concreted into place.

The proprietary AcoustiMax panel achieves an Rw rating of 28, making it the ideal solution for commercial and industrial grade sound barriers. Installation is to be completed in the next 3-4 weeks, including painting, and will provide the local residents a visually appealing backdrop that ensures their peace will remain undisturbed by the new development.


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