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SlimWall® feature fencing adds big impact to small space

16 April 2020

3 Mins

Size doesn’t always matter; with just a few metres of feature fencing, you can add some serious wow-factor to your outdoor living zones!

 SlimWall Feature Fencing - Big Impact, Small Spaces | ModularWalls

For this modern home in Hamilton South, QLD, the owners wanted to create a clean canvas for their stunning pool oasis. However, the area they were working with was quite small; replacing the entire boundary of a relatively new fence seemed like overkill. So, they opted for a killer feature fence!

With just a couple of bays of SlimWall, they were able to install a beautiful, sleek backdrop for their pool area, with minimal site disturbance and completely avoiding the fuss of a fence replacement. This genius outdoor design idea saved them time, hassles, and — above all else — a lot of money!


Feature fencing

Feature fences offer a number of benefits, including:


Living zones

Functional living zones were originally a response to open-plan home design, which slowly made its way to the backyard. This design concept allows us to create separate zones within large spaces that are designed for purpose; fire pit areas, lounges, breakfast nooks and — as seen above — pool oases.

This particular SlimWall fence offered a sophisticated backdrop for the pool area, showcasing the water feature and enhancing the overall atmosphere.


Manageable renovation to-do lists

Backyard renovations can be overwhelming, especially when it limits the use of such an important part of our homes, for an extended period of time. However, we are finding that more and more people are planning out their renovations dreams and tackling it in chunks.

This can be a great alternative; it minimises site disturbance, achieves quick-wins with brand new living spaces and lets your bank account recover and replenish after each chunk!

 SlimWall Feature Fencing - Pool Area | ModularWalls

Limited budgets

Sometimes (or most times), our dreams are bigger than our wallets. This is an essential fact that we must accept to avoid budget blowouts. So, it is crucial to design projects that fit our means.

Instead of tackling the cost of replacing an entire boundary, do some price fishing around different sizes of visual screens or feature bays for a favoured living zone in your backyard. This way, you are only buying a small fraction of fencing and saving any costs associated with pulling out and disposing of the old fence!


Neighbourly disputes

One of our most common pain points we hear from our customers is that they’re absolutely thrilled with the prospect of their new fence…but their neighbours don’t agree. Whether they don’t want to split the cost, or they’re being picky about design details, an uncooperative neighbour can take all the fun out of a feature fence project.

…luckily, there’s an easy solution. Our fencing systems can be installed flush against your existing fence line, allowing you total creative freedom! As seen with the above installation, our SlimWall was installed in front of the existing boundary fence, overcoming any challenges or negotiations associated with a full replacement.