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SlimWall®; The highly aesthetic, cost-effective duplex fencing

21 July 2017

1 Min

A newly renovated duplex in Robina, QLD, required dividing and boundary duplex fencing solutions; SlimWall ticked all the boxes.

The walls needed to be:

  1. As cost-effective as possible, to meet budget requirements for the overall spend of the project
  2. Aesthetically striking, to complement the modern architectural design of the new home
  3. Acoustically rated, to provide noise attenuation on each side of the separating wall



SlimWall provided the perfect solution to this client’s design brief. As ModularWalls’ most cost-effective fencing solution, they were able to attain a high level of sound attenuation and premium aesthetics with low costs. Installation took only three days, further reducing labour expenses;  posts were set on the first day, panels installed on the second and the wall was painted on the third.

The default post colour was left exposed, as it perfectly matched the colour scheme of the home already. Finally, the panels of the modern duplex fencing were finished with three coats of Dulux exterior paint, achieving a clean white aesthetic.


SlimWall for duplex fencing

With lightweight composite panels and posts, SlimWall has a sleek and modern design that can seamlessly match the existing style of any development. With high end aesthetics and acoustic properties, you can achieve a premium fencing solution for up to half the cost of rendered brick; providing a secret weapon for duplex dividing fences.

Furthermore, installation is fast and easy, and does not require the use of heavy machinery, extensive digging or specialised trades. Designed first and foremost as a DIY product, your existing contractors can easily install the systems; or, if you prefer, you can take advantage of our national network of experienced Trade Partners, who will handle everything from measuring, ordering and installation.