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VogueWall® feature wall with sandstone cladding for Meridian Tower

27 February 2020

3 Mins

Meridian Tower required a dual-purpose wall, that served as both a pool privacy wall, as well as a striking front feature wall with a luxe sandstone finish. With its high level of aesthetic and applicational versatility, VogueWall perfectly fit the bill.

Meridian Tower in Kirra Beach, QLD, is a 4.5-star beachfront accommodation that boasts stunning oceanic views and a vast array of resort life splendours. When guests are not enjoying the sprawling coast just moments away, they seek the relaxing atmosphere of the pool area.

The wall in question had to meet two specific, yet very separate design briefs. Firstly, they needed a pool boundary that created a secure, private swimming oasis for guests within; despite its close proximity to the main road. Additionally, the exterior face of the wall needed to serve as a highly aesthetic front entrance, to make a grand first impression of the hotel.

VogueWall Pool Wall for Meridian Tower | ModularWalls

Pool boundary wall

One of the most important design principles of landscape architecture is the essence of enclosure. To create a private, secure outdoor space, we rely on a sense of boundaries; which is exactly what VogueWall delivered.

Running a total length of 37m, the VogueWall boundary wall protected the security and privacy of guests. The sophisticated aesthetics effortlessly upheld the hotel’s premium architectural values, without creating an overbearing or imposing structure.

Finally, with its smooth finishes removing any risk of climbable zones, it provided easy compliance with pool fence regulations.

VogueWall Noise Barrier For Meridian Tower | ModularWalls

Road noise barrier

Visual privacy was not the only priority for this pool oasis; the acoustic privacy of the guests was also protected. Tested by the National Laboratory of Australia, ModularWalls’ products achieve a typical noise reduction of ~20-25dB; this equates to a fourfold reduction in audible noise.

Not only did this protect acoustic privacy and control noise created by guests; it also served as an effective road noise barrier, preserving the serenity of Meridian Tower’s pool area.

Sandstone Clad Feature Wall for Meridian Tower | ModularWalls

Front feature wall

Last, but certainly not least; the unique sandstone finish along the exterior face created an exquisite front entrance for the hotel.

With the creative genius and high calibre installation skills of Platinum Property Improvements — one of our most skilled and highly regarded Trade Partners — the feature wall was expertly finished with sandstone cladding. Furthermore, compared to a sandstone block wall, the client saved a substantial amount by choosing a modular masonry alternative.

With the combination of soft landscaping and sandstone retaining wall, the final wall design achieved a clean, modern, natural aesthetic.


About VogueWall®

  • Customise with wall capping, post tops and expressed joint options
  • Finish with exterior paint, textures, tiling or cladding
  • Further customise with lighting, electrical cabling, letterboxes, gates, slats and decorative infills
  • Average 20-25dB noise reduction
  • Rated for wind regions A, B & C in Australia
  • Integrate TerraFirm retaining panels to retain up to 750mm