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TrendWall® pool feature wall completes striking swimming pool design

3 October 2018

2 Mins

From a swimming pool renovation, to winning The Ultimate Outdoor Lifestyle Pack, Rachel Wright’s backyard has undergone a total transformation. Find out how a modular pool feature wall completed her striking swimming pool design — and won her some amazing prizes in the process!

Last Christmas, we held a Photo Competition to find Australia’s most amazing Modular Wall designs. The prize was an Ultimate Outdoor Lifestyle Pack, including an outdoor shower by Mon Palmer, a Stahl fire pit and festoon string lights from Fat Shack Vintage! We caught up with the winner, Rachel, to see how her outdoor lifestyle had been transformed after her swimming pool construction.



Q. So what was most important to you when building the new wall?

We needed to get the wall quick and at a reasonable cost. When installing the new pool, we found out at the last minute that our backyard wasn’t compliant, as we had raised garden beds. We needed to remove the garden, which exposed our ugly, old fence! The alternative we were looking at was a brick wall, but we didn’t have the time frame; the pool was already booked to be built!

We also wanted it to be nice to look at and not just a standard ColorBond fence that everyone else has.


Q. And how did finish it to harmonise with your striking swimming pool design?

We chose the TrendWall; we just liked the smaller posts better and we wanted the Expressed Joints to be the feature. The panels were painted the colour ‘Leadman’, by Dulux, and we left the posts as they were from the factory. We also have lights installed in the concrete, to reflect up the wall, and still deciding on any other accessories to add to the wall itself!


Q. And how did you find the Professional Installation experience?

The modular wall saved us A LOT of time; the posts were installed prior, so they could set, and the fence was installed all in one day, with no issues!

As we are in a cul-de-sac location with an awkward block (we have 3 or 4 neighbours we share our back fence with), we found it easier to install our own fence within our boundary.  The levels were tricky, as the existing fence had many different heights, but out installers sorted that out to get one level all the way around, completely covering the existing fences.  The pool was already installed as well, so they only had around 1-1.5m to work with!


Q. And are you happy with your new pool feature wall?

Yes, we are very happy!  Because it’s a different product, we’ve had a lot of comments on what kind of wall it is.  We love the Expressed Joints! We wanted the wall to be part of our backyard design and not just another boring wall and I think this is a standout feature! It was a great product and we would recommend.

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Q. How have you been enjoying your Outdoor Lifestyle Pack?

We didn’t really finish off the backyard until the end of summer; but the most used item so far has been the Stahl fire pit, as we’ve taken that camping with us as well as using it at home.  The outdoor shower and festoon lights are up now — we just need some nicer weather to enjoy being outside!


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