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South Annandale playground protected by fun ModularWalls® acoustic wall

29 April 2016

2 Mins


The new South Annandale neighbourhood park required an acoustic barrier shielding local residents from the playground noise, with the following requirements:

  • With the park and playground to be a corridor for wildlife and people, there was requirement that the barrier not detract from the natural slope of the land.
  • In parts, the acoustic barrier had to be affixed to the top of an existing concrete retaining wall.
  • The aesthetics of the barrier needed to have negligible impact on all bordering vegetation and flora
  • The finished wall must offer a perfect backdrop for the fun and adventurous playground.
  • A price sensitive solution was required that did not require excavation or removal of soil.

The SlimWall panel fencing system was deemed most suitable for the needs of this project. Incorporating the AcoustiMax50 panels, SlimWall has a proven noise reduction quality of 20 +dB and able to successfully shield the neighbouring residents from any intrusive playground noise.

The simplicity and flexibility of the modular system allowed for quick and easy construction and ensured the land retained its existing and natural undulation. Using ModularWalls core receptors, the SlimWall barrier was able to be securely affixed on top of the existing concrete retaining wall. Given SlimWall panels are able to be painted in any colour swatch, a progressive, fun and fitting colour design was able to be achieved.