Noise combo solution for meat supplier

29 July 2016

An ingenious dual panel noise wall for Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co combined leading-edge AcoustiSorb panels and sound reflecting AcoustiMax75 panels, creating a noise reduction of almost 30dB. Read to find out more!

Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co is Australia’s leading supplier of quality certified organic and natural meat. They engaged an acoustic engineer following complaints by neighbouring residents about noise being emitted from early morning delivery trucks and forklift activity. Any sound mitigating solution had to meet the mandatory requirements specified by the acoustic engineer. A small creek located along the southern boundary of the property meant special consideration needed to be given to the wall installation. Finally, any noise barrier had to blend seamlessly with the properties rural vegetation and flora with minimal disruption to the surroundings.

The GuardianWall system with its strength of offering height up to 9m and utilising galvanised UB support columns was deemed most suitable for this project. The ingenious noise mitigating solution designed by ModularWalls combined 19 bays of sound reflecting AcoustiMax75 panels creating a noise reduction of almost 30dBa and 6 bays of leading-edge AcoustiSorb panels in the most challenging of sections. Given the soil conditions encountered near the neighbouring creek, deeper footings were made to ensure sufficient soil capacity and wall stability. The pre-finished panels meant the fence didn’t require painting following installation, and the green eucalyptus colour blended perfectly with the surrounding vegetation and flora.


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